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Basic Product Management Interview Course
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Get paired with in-house developers to build and ship your own product apart from covering 15 modules & 365 topics via 15 live tutorials with experts. One-stop solution to all your product management needs with money back job guarantee.


This self-paced course is packed with incredible content, videos, handbook and sample questions that are needed to perform in interviews. From most asked questions to the most appropriate answers for uncertain situations, we cover it all.


This Bootcamp program covers everything to help you ace your product management interview. Ample mocks, examples, sample solutions are provided for each unit and concept to help you gain confidence and to prepare your own answers effectively.

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Our pedagogy is backed by scientific principles to provide a holistic learning experience to our students!
What makes us special

Hands-On & Experiential Learning

Our courses are full of hands-on training on all products that are relevant to a product manager. We collaborated with the best tools in user research, data analysis, prototyping, product road mapping and everything else in between to give you the most relevant training straight from the product managers and founders of these products.

Impactful Pedagogy

Our program is based on a futuristic, well researched and scientifically backed pedagogy to help improve learning outcomes in students.

Our courses are based on a futuristic and well researched pedagogical method to learn Product Management. every learning nuggets have been carefully crafted- fresh in its approach and nouvel in its execution.

Thriving Product Management Community

We have built a global community for aspiring product managers, experienced professionals, and entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between the industry and product enthusiasts.

We conduct weekly Product Talks (online and offline) with best folks from the industry where we talk about specific hands-on activities around product experience. Our webinars talk about specific breakthroughs, innovations, and learning.

One-on-One Mentoring

We want to see you succeed and so we will pair you with a mentor from top technology firms help you transition into your job.

If you get stuck in any area of product management, our mentors assist you to make an informed decision. They have personally answered thousands of questions, dealt with real problems, they understand the pain point of product managers, and have helped many in your shoes.

Student Guidance & Support

Our Student counseling team is solely dedicated to ensuring that each student has the right resources and guidance to be able to cope up with the coursework and remove any road blocks faced while learning. Students are encouraged to achieve smaller and bigger learning goals through guidance and active support.

We are happy to help!

If you have a question, we have an answer. If you need something, we’ll help you. Contact us anytime.

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