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Pragmatic Product Leader Course

Pragmatic Leaders was founded with the objective of building a new generation of Product Managers and train them for the jobs of future. We firmly believe that in between traditional schooling and Massive Open Online Learning (MOOCs), holistic learning has been lost somewhere.

We strongly believe that 3 things- knowledge, experience, and wisdom- together build the foundation for Pragmatism, essential to excel in any sphere in life. With this is in mind, our programs are geared towards providing each of our students’ a holistic educational experience that combines the rigor of traditional and the ease and flexibility of online schooling.

To this end, we devoted ourselves to developing a futuristic, comprehensive and scientifically backed pedagogy, which, through it, numerous modules and a wide range of sub-topics, covers everything that remotely comes under the umbrella of Product Management. We were deeply attentive to maintaining a fine balance between the theoretical and the practical aspects of learning as well as soft and technological skills needed to excel as a product manager. We achieve this by providing ample hands-on experience in product building, immersive mock interviews with global experts to fully equip our students for real-life scenarios and provide them with plenty opportunities for employment at companies that match with their skill sets.

With our efforts we hope to build a “modern workforce” equipped to imagine, build & govern cutting-edge technology by bring premium education to the doorstep of every individual aspiring to up-skill and out-do competition.


Talvinder Singh is a committed and highly focused entrepreneur and product manager with 10+ years of experience in building and shipping complex products. He has carefully crafted the course building in his learnings from humble beginnings to developing the product process for startups from scratch, building large products for fast-growing companies like OYO and established corporates like Aditya Birla.



Primary Course Author & Founder, Pragmatic Leaders

10+ years experience

ex-Product Head @ OYO Flagship | ex-CPO @ Freecultr

ex-Founder & CEO @ Tushky  |  500startups, GSF, IITB

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