AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Abhishek Singh, Product Manager at Carwale

We recently invited Abhishek Singh to talk about How to build Lovable Products?-things he learned and those he had to unlearn. Abhishek has an impressive experience of 4+ years in product management. He currently works as a Product Manager for “Edureka.

Being a product enthusiast, Abhishek started working with various startups during his graduation days. After graduating from IIT Kanpur in 2015, he entered into his Product management journey by joining Aspiring Minds where he built a product from scratch with conceptualizing logo to building the business around the product. After gaining 1+ years of experience, he joined Carwale where he acquired ample knowledge on how product cycles work, how products are built, how markets are established and more importantly, sustained in the long run and recently he switched to an ed-tech startup “Edureka”.

Abhishek starts with explaining “What is a typical day in Product Manager’s life?”

He explained,” The day in every Product Manager’s life starts with going through the emails and looking at the key metrics, then clearing all pending reviews, design reviews, UATs, daily scrum stand-ups and checking the performance of features shipped in the last sprint. Every Product Manager works on the product roadmap to plan upcoming  3-6 months and then catch up with the sales and marketing guys which will help in improving the product.

We asked Abhishek, “What are his views on Customer Empathy and why is it the most important in Product Management?”

In Abhishek’s view, there are two ingredients that are very popular in the industry of Product Management which he explained with the help of a Venn diagram(1.0).

Abhishek says, Empathy in general terms is the ability to understand and share the feeling with others but he feels that this is the most underrated in the industry because we talk a lot about data and data-driven things but user empathy or customer empathy is the thing which is not discussed a lot.

He adds, we can only build intuition by emphasizing our user and there is no way a product can evolve without understanding the behavioral aspects of its users.

Talvinder Singh, adds to the point and explains user persona with an example and share his user experiences.

To the end, Abhishek concluded that the users and their behavior evolve with time and we have to keep in touch with the users to understand their behavior, which is an ongoing process.

Check out the video below to know what all Abhishek Singh has to say in this exclusive AMA!


August 14, 2018

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