AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Pritam Roy- Senior Product Manager, Vymo

We recently invited Pritam Roy to talk about his transition from the consumer(B2C) to enterprise product management(B2B)- things he learned and those he had to unlearn. Pritam has an impressive experience of 5+ years in product management. He currently works as the Senior Product Manager for Vymo and manages a team of 40 engineers. In 2015, Pritam co-founded FlatPi Technologies, an IT-based HR Solutions Firm, which was later acquired by Talocity.

Pritam Roy was drawn towards product management as early as his graduation days. It all started when he came across a massive parking problem at his campus and instantly decided to work on a solution by marrying analytics with technology. By early 2010, when companies such as Ola had just started surfacing, Pritam was already deep into the product ecosystem.

Fresh off campus, Pritam delved head first into his passion and was recruited as a Product Manager, to manage one of the biggest game IPs of Disney India. Working with Disney gave him ample opportunity to interact with product managers across the globe and gain knowledge on how product cycles work, how products are built, how markets are established and more importantly, sustained in the long run.

We asked Pritam, “What do you think demands utmost importance when it comes to building a successful product for enterprises?”

In Pritam’s view, the foremost important thing is to be able to segment your users. He says “Whereas, in B2C, it is easy to segment users using simple classifications like paid user, unpaid user, regular user, etc. In B2C, there is an additional layer of users- the clients as well as end users such as sales, presales, CSM, management and engineering depts. In a lot of companies, the person who actually uses your product is not the person who signs the check to pay for it.”

He adds stakeholder management is the key to climbing the ladder in your PM career. According to him “open communication” is most important when it comes to successful B2B product building. To this end, he advises his young counterparts to listen to everyone, consume the knowledge and then infer a solution.

“PMs need to clearly understand the demands of their users, for which using a differentiated approach for enterprise product management becomes essential to building a successful and lucrative product”, he explained.

Check out the video below to know what all Pritam Roy has to say in this exclusive AMA!


August 14, 2018

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