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Jack Moore is the Product Manager for Qventus, a platform that helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time. He has had an inspiring product journey. He is a product person with a passion for impactful, high leverage data products. He has experience in and a passion for delivering products ranging from back-end data platforms and ETL’s, data science and machine learning-driven product, and visualization and reporting functionality. He says “My core values are empathy, honesty, diligence, and flexibility.”  

We invited Jack for a one-on-one Product Talk to help our audience gain real-world insights on successful user-centric product management. We had some wonderful discussions about writing better requirements and user stories and mapping the success of user-driven features.

According to Jack, the real job of a product manager is to change the world in some small way for someone. He says “the job is not to build the products, i.e. ‘what people like’ but to build the experiences, i.e. ‘what people love’. Your products should enable these experiences to scale.

He adds, “Put users a center of everything we do”. At the end of the day if the user thinks that the product is not giving value then we have failed.

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To illustrate how having this core value can change things for you and your product, he takes a job at Airbnb. He mentions ‘Airbnb, built a great product putting up users in the center. Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb created an incredible product focusing completely on user experience rather than their website. Airbnb strives to have their customers contact the company and demand the 6th star be added to their 5-star review because the experience was so good.’

Jack uses a technique called user story mapping which helps product managers get away from thinking about what are the things he needs to build and instead think about what is the experience he wants to enable.

Jack explains a product manager must not just be customer focused he must be customer obsessed. He says “build a product that people love and recommend to their friends.”

Looking to get started on user-centric product management? Here are some wonderful resources jack shared to help you get started:

  • Thinking Fast & Slow, ‎Daniel Kahneman
  • Inspired, Marty Kagan
  • Zero To One, Peter Thiel
  • Lean Product Playbook, Dan Olsen
  • Lean Product Circle, Eric Reis
  • User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton


August 14, 2018

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