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Cracking a Product Management Interview with Fernando Delgado | Product Talks

Fernando Delgado started his product management journey in 2007 with Google as an Associate Product Manager. In 2012, he joined Yahoo with the objective of relaunching the company. His job soon became his passion and he soon decided to become an entrepreneur. He co-founded La Tienda Venezolana, offering an effective channel to purchase products made in Venezuela to Venezuelans living abroad. In addition, Fernando has also been, for many years now, coaching and mentoring aspiring …

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Running a data-driven product organisation with Andrew Dillon, Skedulo | Product Talks

Andrew is passionate about clean interfaces, great product, and delighting users. Currently, he is working as a chief product officer at skedulo, a platform for intelligent mobile workforce management and operating a team of 35 product managers based out of Australia. We invited him for a Product Talk on “Running a data-driven product organization”. He says the idea of running a data-driven product organization came when he was having a conversation with a product manager at …

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Product Manager VS Growth Product Manager with Alex Davis, Mozilla | Pragmatic Talks

Alex spent 7 years of his career in building products for start-ups that eventually failed but at the same time he learnt a lot from that experience. He worked as a Growth Product Manager helping in referral programs for 30+ global e-commerce brands and finally switched to Mozilla, where he used to manage application services and working with sync team, getting people to sync their devices, data storage, cloud encryption, push services eventually he got …

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Product Value with Paul Jackson, Pivot Ventures | Pragmatic Talks

“Don’t create product jobs, but a product that creates jobs.” ~Paul Jackson Paul Jackson has been building digital products and services for over 15 years and is the founding partner of Pivot, a venture services firm based in London.  We recently invited him for a Product Talk on “Product Value”- What is it, Why it’s important and How to measure it? Paul has a vivid thought process and believes product value is quite hard to …

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User-Centric Product Management with Jack Moore, Qventus | Pragmatic Talks

Jack Moore is the Product Manager for Qventus, a platform that helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time. He has had an inspiring product journey. He is a product person with a passion for impactful, high leverage data products. He has experience in and a passion for delivering products ranging from back-end data platforms and ETL’s, data science and machine learning-driven product, and visualization and reporting functionality. He says “My core values are …

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