Breaking into Product Management: Insights from Sr. VP and Head of Product at ErosNow 🚀

Embarking on a career as a Product Manager (PM) can appear daunting for many mid-career professionals. In a recent masterclass featuring a Senior Vice President and Head of Product at ErosNow, attendees were granted a unique opportunity to discover the intricacies of making a successful shift into the world of product management.

Understanding the PM Role Beyond Technical Knowledge

One of the key takeaways from the masterclass was the emphasis on the true essence of product management. Contrary to popular belief, a PM role extends far beyond technical expertise or juggling features. It’s about strategic foresight, the ability to make informed decisions, and, as the speaker highlighted, often about “not building features” at all, but leaving them when necessary.

The role of a PM is closely likened to that of a generalist who thrives on understanding both the business and consumer needs. It’s about finding a harmonious blend between market demands, technological feasibility, and user experience—all while wearing a customer-centric hat.

The Art of Prioritization and Seeking Truth in Data

A competent PM does not simply rely on data but knows how to extract meaningful insights from it. In the masterclass, the speaker recommended speaking to a substantial number of customers every month to truly understand their needs and preferences—a practice essential for anyone in a PM role.

Navigating Organizational Dynamics

Far from the misnomer of a ‘mini CEO’, product managers are often at the nexus of responsibility without overarching authority. They need the prowess to navigate through corporate dynamics, managing relationships and sometimes declining requests from stakeholders tactfully, yet assertively.

Communication: The PM’s Superpower

The art of communication cannot be overstated. It’s not about hiding behind industry jargon but being able to discuss complex ideas succinctly with any team member, from engineers to sales. Mastering this will make the difference between a good PM and a great one.

Knowing the Customer – The Non-negotiable

Another critical focus area is the direct interaction with customers. In the masterclass, it was recommended to speak to a substantial number of customers every month to truly understand their needs and preferences—a practice essential for anyone in a PM role.


The transition to a PM role encompasses a blend of strategic thinking, market understanding, and interpersonal skills. Masterclass: Becoming a PM isn’t just about tech; it’s a transdisciplinary approach to managing a product end-to-end. Aspiring PMs should prioritize problem-solving, data analysis, empathy, and communication to overcome entry barriers in product management.

Are you looking to pivot into a product management role? Taking the step to join a masterclass or seek mentorship from industry leaders can offer you invaluable insights and equip you with the required skills, saving both time and effort on your journey towards becoming an adept product manager.

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