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In the dynamic world of technology and business, the role of product management stands crucial. It’s a field brimming with opportunities for those equipped with the right skills and experience. Yet, for many aspiring professionals, the transition to product management is fraught with challenges and setbacks, often rooted in a catch-22 of industry requirements. For Rakesh Krishna, a Bentley University alum and Pragmatic Product Leaders cohort 1 member, it’s about determination and success.

Encountering the Realities of Transitioning to Product Management

Despite the attractiveness of a PM role, Rakesh initially struggled to secure a full-time opportunity, leading him to accept another job. His passion for product management remained undeterred, propelling his continuous search for the right role. Interviews came and went, but each echoed a similar sentiment—the need for hands-on, practical experience Rakesh lacked.

Faced with this persistent hurdle, Rakesh embarked on a quest to strengthen his skill set. In 2017, he took a course from Silicon Valley brands lacking practical experience for impressing employers.

Discovering the Pragmatic Product Leaders Platform

Determined to find a solution, Fortune smiled on Rakesh when he stumbled upon the Pragmatic Product Leaders course shared by a connection on LinkedIn. This program’s unique selling point was its hands-on approach—the very element Rakesh sought to advance in his career.

Convinced of its potential, he joined the rapidly growing community of prospective PM professionals under Pragmatic Product Leaders. The course’s blend of video lectures and flexibility allowed Rakesh to align with his schedule and aspirations.

Learning with a Hands-On Approach

At the heart of Pragmatic Product Leaders’ success formula is the emphasis on practical application. Learners are not only recipients of study material but active participants, transforming their ideas into real-world products. Rakesh is currently in the crucial phase of developing his Minimum Viable Product (MVP), applying course learnings to bring a tangible product to life.

With an intimate cohort of about 20 like-minded peers, Pragmatic Product Leaders fosters a community environment conducive to deep learning and networking—two key ingredients for triumph in the transition to product management.

Celebrating a Success Story

Rakesh Krishna’s journey with the Pragmatic Product Leaders is an inspiration to many, showcasing how persistence and a hands-on learning experience can pave the way for success in the competitive field of product management. With guidance and effort, anyone can turn their PM Synopsys dream into reality.


The path to becoming a skilled product manager is not without its obstacles, but for those willing to embrace a hands-on approach and invest in their professional development, avenues like Pragmatic Product Leaders offer a blueprint for success. Rakesh Krishna’s success story encourages all aspiring product managers that with tenacity and the right educational resources, transition to product management and career growth is more than just a possibility—it’s an achievable reality.

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