Tips for Success: Insights from a Senior Product Manager

Product management stands as a pivotal role in the tech industry, shaping the success of tech products and the companies behind them. Senior Product Manager Ekant Kaushik brings insights from his impressive journey through the worlds of technology and product management, offering valuable tips for professionals seeking to carve their niche in the tech space.

The Transitional Lens: From Developer to Product Manager

Ekant’s journey into the realm of product management wasn’t a direct one. Originally a developer at Infosys, he transitioned through roles that allowed him to harness his technical skills alongside his business acumen. With three years of experience working in various roles and an MBA from FMS Delhi, Ekant expanded his horizons into product-related roles, marking the start of a now six-year-long tenure in product management.

Gaining Multifaceted Industry Experience

Throughout his career, Ekant has garnered experience across diverse sectors, including mobile marketing, eCommerce, and cybersecurity. Working with companies like Snapdeal and Adobe, he managed products at both startup environments and large corporations. Today, as a Senior Product Manager at Avira, he focuses on developing security and privacy solutions, solidifying his expertise in cybersecurity.

Key Success Tips for Aspiring Product Managers

Ekant’s story is not just about career progression but also about continuous learning and adaptation. For those aspiring to follow in his footsteps, he offers the following advice:

  • Be Open to Learning: Continuous learning is essential in a rapidly evolving field like product management. Whether it is mastering new technologies or understanding emerging market trends, a commitment to learning ensures that a product manager remains relevant and impactful.
  • Embrace the Technology: One constant in Ekant’s journey has been his focus on technology. Understanding the latest technological innovations can give product managers an edge in designing products that meet modern consumer needs.
  • Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making: Product management requires making informed decisions. Data often holds the key to validating hypotheses and driving product direction, as evident from Ekant’s time in Adobe, where rigorous validation was part of the product lifecycle.
  • Experience a Variety of Roles: Exposure to different roles can give valuable perspective and skills. For Ekant, moving from development to analytics and then to product management allowed him to view the product ecosystem from multiple angles.

Continuous Learning: The Driver of Innovation in Tech

Ekant emphasizes continuous learning as a core driver for success in the tech industry. Product managers must keep pace with technology trends and consumer behaviors, adapting to the changing landscape. His pursuit of online learning and staying updated with tech trends contributed significantly to his career success.

Breaking International Borders: Transitioning to the European Tech Scene

An inspiring aspect of Ekant’s career is his international leap from India to Germany. Ekant navigated the European job market successfully, emphasizing clear communication and data-supported arguments, highlighting the importance of domain expertise.

Conclusion: Fostering Success through Adaptability and Insight

From Ekant Kaushik’s insightful journey, it is clear that the path to becoming a successful product manager is multifaceted. It is woven with continuous skill development, adaptability, and an unwavering focus on technology. Professionals in tech can leverage insights for career growth, innovation, and international opportunities, shaping the future of tech products.

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