Unlocking the Universe of Product Management: An Inspirational Trek with Himadri Joshi

The global product community is a constellation of diverse minds where product enthusiasts, professionals, and aspirants interact to share knowledge, experiences, and support. One exemplary beacon within this universe is Himadri Joshi, a seasoned Product Manager (PM) at Haptik, whose journey to navigating the product management landscape has become a source of inspiration for many looking to enter the field. His experiences and insight shed light on how to penetrate the realm of product management without prior product experience, illuminating a path for those eager to embark on this venerable career.

Introduction to Product Management and Its Global Community

While product management is gaining tremendous traction in the tech industry, many still ponder its essence. At its core, product management revolves around the orchestration of a product’s development, from inception to launch, ensuring it resonates with customers and aligns with business objectives. But it’s not just about the role; it’s also about the vibrant global community of product enthusiasts that accompany it — a community that offers networking opportunities, support, and a wealth of resources for product help.

The Challenge of Breaking Into Product Management

Finding a foothold within the product management community is no small feat, especially without direct experience. The challenge resonates akin to a ‘chicken and egg’ scenario— aspiring PMs frequently face the paradoxical situation of needing product experience to get a product job without being given the opportunity to gain it. This hurdle is often complicated by the need to grasp a wide array of soft and hard skills, understand nuanced job responsibilities, and navigate through grueling interview processes.

Strategies for Aspiring Product Managers

For those undeterred by these obstacles, Joshi lays out a strategic roadmap. Firstly, carving out your motivations and identifying your desired domain within the product management environment is crucial. It sets the stage for building a product portfolio, which underscores an aspirant’s capacity to think and operate like a PM. Subsequently, honing necessary skills through relevant courses, certificates, and real-world practice in startups or APM programs becomes pivotal. Furthermore, crafting a narrative in one’s resume that showcases cross-functional experiences aligned with product management principles can significantly bolster chances of landing that coveted PM role.

Cultivating Connections Within the Product Management Sphere

As with many professional journeys, networking forms an integral part of the product management odyssey. Connecting with global product leaders, participating in product-related discussions, and joining product communities can provide emerging talents with insights, mentorships, and often, opportunities that might not be obvious at first glance.


The voyage into product management requires a blend of determination, strategic planning, and community engagement. The insights provided by experts like Himadri Joshi serve as a guiding star, pointing aspirants towards the tools, knowledge, and networks necessary to successfully break into this dynamic field. By tailoring one’s experiences and skillsets toward product sensibilities and diving into the vibrant product management community, the path to becoming a PM may not seem as daunting, paving the way for an enriching career infused with creativity, problem-solving, and constant learning.

For those set on embarking on this trail, remember that the ecosystem thrives on collaboration — by engaging with the global product collective and leveraging its strength, the world of product management becomes significantly more accessible, fostering an environment that evolves and escalates with every new member’s contribution.

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