Brand building and Storytelling with Utsav Chakraborty – comedian, writer and actor

In the realm of brand creation, the integration of storytelling and brand building is paramount. A webinar featuring comedian, writer, and actor Utsav Chakraborty delved into this intricate dance, stressing that a brand is not just a brand—it’s a protagonist in its own narrative.

Understanding the Protagonist of Your Brand Story

The analogy that equates a brand to a protagonist in a story is both profound and imperative for brand builders to comprehend. As Utsav Chakraborty illuminates, this protagonist must be idealistic yet human, blending realism with the larger-than-life qualities that make characters memorable. Employing Jungian archetypes, brands can navigate through various personas to establish one that resonates deeply with their audience.

Jungian Archetypes & Their Role in Brand Building

Developed by Carl Jung, archetypes represent the idealistic versions of stereotypes found within human behaviours and desires. There are twelve core archetypes, ranging from the Innocent and Caregiver to the Ruler and Outlaw. Brand archetypes inspire as the Hero, innovate as the Creator, or rebel as the Outlaw, shaping storytelling and personality.

The Alignment of Product and Brand Persona

An interesting perspective raised during the webinar concerns the need for complete alignment between the product and the chosen archetype. A brand must live and breathe its story through every product or service it offers. This alignment ensures a consistent message that solidifies the brand image in the consumer’s cognitive landscape.

Consistency: The Superpower of Successful Branding

Chakraborty emphasized that beyond adoption, brands must nurture consistency in their narratives. Being erratic or incongruent with the main story erodes trust and confuses the audience. Like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each character (or brand in this analogy) remains true to its core throughout different storylines.

Real-world Examples of Brand Archetypes

Brands like Nike, JetBlue, or Disney embody archetypes like Hero, Caregiver, and Magician, drawing lessons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each brand uses its archetype to tell a story that resonates with its audience, creating a robust brand identity that endures over time.


Brand building, as discussed by Utsav Chakraborty, is a nuanced process integrating self-awareness, storytelling, and the power of Jungian archetypes. Brands need to be aware of their innate stories and present them with a consistent, honest face. Crafting a narrative around an established archetype not only garners recognition but also cements a brand’s legacy in the minds of consumers. The webinar wasn’t merely a lecture—it was a roadmap to creating a triumphant brand narrative in today’s hero-packed marketplace.

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