Master the Art of Product Management with Vaibhav Shrivastava

In a recent webinar, Vaibhav Shrivastava, with over a decade of experience in product management and past ties with tech giant Xiaomi, delved into the intricate world of product management. This session, part of the ‘Pragmatic Leaders’ series, offered profound insights into the discipline that can make or break a product’s success in the market. Shrivastava’s career compass, which includes a stint at handling ML products for security, stands as a testament to his prowess in navigating the data-driven terrain of product development.

Understanding Product Sense in the Context of Product Management

At the core of effective product management is ‘product sense’, a nuanced concept that Shrivastava articulates as the intersection of experience, data, and customer obsession. Product sensing isn’t an innate ability but a cultivated skill set that distinguishes stellar product managers from the competent pack. While various elements contribute to the design of innovative products, including intelligence and team dynamics, Shrivastava emphasizes that a keen product sense underpins the creation of truly impactful solutions.

Developing a Customer-Centric Approach

Shrivastava underscores that product managers should transcend beyond understanding customer needs to develop a thorough customer obsession. Nurture dedication to unveil customer needs before they realize it, as discussed in the webinar. This approach is reflective of Xiaomi’s own customer-centric philosophy, one that has propelled the company to the forefront of the smartphone market.

Product Sense and Problem-Solving

A mainstay of Shrivastava’s webinar was the convergence of product sense and problem-solving. Sensing helps identify abstract issues and shape them into actionable problems for creative solutions. In a dynamic that mirrors his experiences at Xiaomi, the ability to transform customer challenges into definitive, actionable opportunities is a skill that can significantly impact product success.

Embracing Data-Driven Solutions

The nexus between data and product management was another focal topic. Shrivastava distinguishes between being data-driven and data-trapped for effective decision-making. This balance of data interpretation and application is reflective of Xiaomi’s strategy, which harnesses data to enhance user engagement and improve product offerings.

Leveraging the Webinar to Master Product Management

The webinar provided a plethora of insights into the facets of product management that Shrivastava has mastered over his career. His advice is particularly valuable for those looking to emulate the success of companies like Xiaomi. Product sensing, customer-centricity, and data-driven problem-solving empower product managers’ impactful decisions.


Product management, especially in today’s digital age, demands agility, innovative thinking, and an empathetic approach toward user needs. Vaibhav Shrivastava’s experience at Xiaomi and other tech powerhouses demonstrates the efficacy of a data-driven, customer-centric, and problem-solving-oriented strategy. Aspiring PMs learn vital product sensing lessons from Shrivastava’s webinar for successful product orchestration.

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