Platform Products: Getting Started

  A digital platform is an ecosystem designed to enable different groups to co-create value through “plug-and-play” capabilities – Wikipedia.Read More

Profile PhotoSoubhik SinhaSeptember 26, 2019

7 Tips to help you Ace your next PM Interview

If you’ve secured an interview for a Product Manager role, congratulations are in order. In the ever-growing competitive industry ofRead More

Profile PhotoSarika_AhujaSeptember 10, 2019

7 Tips to get your Resume noticed

In the competitive world of Product Management, you need to do all that you can to set yourself apart fromRead More

Profile PhotoSarika_AhujaSeptember 10, 2019

K.N.O.W how to say NO

Product Managers have to make choices regularly. This means that he/she has to say NO to more number of thingsRead More

Profile PhotoAmrit Karan SinghSeptember 7, 2019

Things that no one tells you about being a Product Manager

Be a broken record! I usually tell folks I am an Accidental Product Manager and there are times I wishRead More

Profile PhotoHarsha HalviSeptember 7, 2019

Innovation vs. Invention – Same Yet Different

The joy of doing new things or what is the difference between invention and innovation (sometimes called (“discovery and invention”).Read More

Profile PhotoKartikeya NegiSeptember 7, 2019

Do you need a good digital profile to land a PM job?

The short answer to that question is – YES! After having looked at the job search process (Read here) andRead More

Profile PhototalvinderJuly 17, 2019

Do you have that “perfect resume” to apply for your PM job?

In our previous article we looked at mastering the job search process (Read it here). In this article, we willRead More

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