Agile Estimation Techniques for Product Management Interviews

Product management interviews can be challenging, especially when it comes to estimating the effort required for various tasks. In this blog post, we will explore three popular agile estimation techniques that can help you navigate these interviews with confidence. These techniques include t-shirt sizes, planning poker, and relative mass valuation.


Agile estimation needs a structured approach for teams to quickly and effectively estimate task effort. These estimation techniques provide a framework for breaking down user stories and determining their complexity.

T-Shirt Sizes

Team members use T-shirt sizes to estimate task effort without specific numbers. Instead of using exact values, team members use t-shirt sizes like small, medium, or large to indicate the level of effort. This method is useful for high-level estimates and provides flexibility without the need for precise numerical values.

Planning Poker

Planning poker estimates user stories using cards with Fibonacci numbers from 0 to 21. The user story is read aloud, and each team member selects a card indicating their estimate of the level of effort required for the task. The team members with the highest and lowest numbers justify their choices, leading to a discussion that helps in arriving at a consensus. Planning poker encourages team collaboration to agree on task estimation.

Relative Mass Valuation

Relative mass valuation is a quick and efficient estimation technique that uses a binary sort approach to prioritize user stories based on their complexity. The team estimates each user story’s size, and if agreed upon, places it on the table or board. This process is repeated until all the stories are sorted from smallest to largest. Relative mass valuation is a rapid method for estimating large volumes of user stories.


Agile estimation techniques play a crucial role in product management interviews by allowing candidates to demonstrate their understanding of the effort required for different tasks. T-shirt sizes give high-level estimates, planning poker fosters consensus, and relative mass valuation speeds large-scale estimation. By mastering these techniques, you can confidently navigate product management interviews and showcase your skills in agile estimation.

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