AMA with Amanjot Malhotra: Insights on Product Management

Product management stands as one of the most coveted roles in the tech industry today, offering a unique blend of technical and business responsibilities. The AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with Amanjot Malhotra, Founder of Actiwate, sheds light on the path to becoming a successful product manager. With insights from an industry expert, aspiring product managers can uncover valuable tips that can accelerate their careers.

Understanding the Product Management Landscape

Product management is not a one-size-fits-all career. According to Malhotra, the role varies extensively across industries and companies. Aspiring PMs should grasp the nuances between a business-focused PM, a design-centric PM, and a technically-oriented PM. Product management demands skills in design, technology, marketing, and sales, placing PMs at the crossroads of these disciplines.

Gearing Up for the Role

To pursue a career in product management, it’s essential to be armed with the right skills and mindset. Malhotra emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and customer empathy‚ÄĒhallmarks of great product managers. Building an intuitive design sense and cultivating strong ethics are equally important. Yet, it’s the ability to manage people efficiently and drive a product through its lifecycle that truly distinguishes a great PM from the good ones.

From Business Plans to Market Sizing

One of Malhotra’s key insights for breaking into this field was the necessity to understand the market size and opportunities. PMs must articulate product utility and devise a robust business plan, crucial for aspiring entrants into the field.

Navigating the Product Manager’s Journey

The road to becoming a successful product manager is often iterative and filled with continuous learning. Malhotra advises aspirants to own a product from conception to launch, which could involve taking on a small project within an existing company or even starting something from scratch. This hands-on experience is crucial in understanding the ropes of the trade.

Utilizing the Right Resources

Finding the right resources, whether it’s through blogs, online courses, or personalized mentorship, can provide a significant advantage for careers in product management. Online platforms like LinkedIn and Medium can serve as excellent places to showcase one’s work and connect with peers, while Malhotra’s own book, “Introduction to Product Management,” can serve as a starting guide for neophytes.


Entering product management is challenging but rewarding for those with the right skills, persistence, and passion. Amanjot Malhotra’s AMA unpacks essentials, encouraging strategic career shaping for aspiring product managers. Malhotra’s expertise offers guidance for aspiring product managers, illuminating unconventional yet promising career paths.

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