Agile, scrum, kanban, epic, stories, burndown charts, velocity, story points and more, are some of the main concepts behind the Agile movement. Software needed to be shipped fast, tested quickly and iterated rapidly. The old methods of Waterfall just couldn’t keep up.

The agile approach changed this and helped developers build products faster. A product manager is ultimately responsible for the shipping of the product, and so it is super important to understand the concepts behind agile and learn how to use these concepts in the daily job.

In this immersive agile product management course, you will learn what is agile product management, about all the agile concepts, how to use them and the pitfalls.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Agile Details 00:05:00
Quiz- Intro to Agile Product Management 00:30:00
Epics Details 00:05:00
Quiz- Survey, Epics 00:30:00
User Stories Details 00:11:00
Quiz- Survey, Stories 00:30:00
Acceptance Criteria Details 00:08:00
Quiz- Acceptance Criteria 00:30:00
JIRA for PMs Details 00:10:00
Quiz- JIRA for PM’s 00:30:00
Agile Estimates Details 00:12:00
Quiz- Agile Estimates 00:30:00
Agile Estimation Techniques Details 00:06:00
Quiz – Agile Estimation techniques 00:30:00
Roadmapping Details 00:05:00
Quiz- Roadmapping 00:30:00
Prioritization Details 00:14:00
Quiz- Prioritisation 00:30:00

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