AI for Product Managers is an advanced course for existing or aspiring Product Managers or product entrepreneurs who want to build AI products.

Tomorrow’s Products will be AI first

Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers is an advanced course designed for existing PM to skill up and build AI products


Artificial Intelligence for Product Managers is an advanced course designed for existing PM to skill up and build AI products. 

In today’s dynamic product environment, AI takes the center stage when it comes to biting through the competition and building a rewarding product. If you aspire to become a product leader with expertise in trend analysis, predictive modeling, deep learning, building neural networks- this course is the right choice for you. In the final Capstone Project, you will build your own AI game using code templates and also learn how to use latest AI tools.

04 April 2019


10* Weeks

Starts at
$499* / month

Structure of the course

Self-paced course
Access to full learning material
Access to Case Studies
Quizzes on the study material
Assessment & feedback to be provided by the instructor
1-1 Mentorship sessions with industry experts
Group Critique sessions

How much time would you spend on the course?

10 hours= Curated study material
2.5 hours= Quizzes (30 min each for 5 sections)
45 hours= Case studies (3 hours each for 15 case studies)
7 hours= 1-1 mentorship sessions with industry experts (40 min each for 10 weeks)
10 hours= Group critique sessions (2 hours each for 5 sections) *optional

Total time= ~75 hours

We recommend that you follow a steady pace to spend these 75 hours over a period of 10 weeks & complete the course.


This Specialization Course is priced at $499 /mo. This includes 1-1 mentorship sessions, access to case-studies and full course material.

Early Access Price

The investment for the course is

$499 $429

But this is available only for a limited time. Reserve your seat before 31 March 2019 to avail this exclusive discounted price.


The world is becoming intrinsically AI. Companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence in every part of their working. There has been a 14X increase in the number of active AI startups since 2000.


And investors too, are preferring AI powered organizations for investments. There has been a 6X increase in the annual investment levels by venture capital (VC) investors into U.S.-based AI startups since 2000.


With the share of jobs requiring AI skills pacing upwards, this is the right time for you to acquire these skills. The share of jobs requiring AI skills has grown 4.5X since 2013.


AI for Product managers course from Pragmatic Leaders is designed to address the problem of understanding AI principles & strategizing AI products. With over 8 months of brainstorming & effort put in behind designing this unique pedagogy, we are here to make sure that you don’t fall behind in the race.

Your learning process has been scientifically developed keeping in mind the competencies you would need to be the best PM in the market with the most updated pragmatic knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.


  1. Existing Product Managers with min 2 years of experience

  2. Entrepreneurs & founders who are looking to build AI products

  3. VP’s in Product/ Technology division of an organization, looking to advance their career in AI

  4. Those who care about building a product in the new age


We don’t believe just watching videos is enough to make you a product expert. With this in mind, we have built courses which are holistic in nature containing scientifically proven pedagogical methods to help improve learning outcomes.

capstone project

Self Paced Course

Study at your timings, and make progress your way. With the flexibility of learning at your own pace, the course provides flexibility to revisit topics at convenience. The course will last depending on how fast you cover the study material. 


15 Case Studies, assessed by the lead instructor

Have all your assignments & case studies evaluated by the lead instructor, who will provide feedback for improvement. Highlight of the course, these case studies will make you industry ready.


1-1 Mentoring Session with Industry Experts

Get personal mentoring from the best people in the industry. 40 min of this session every week will be helpful for you to make the best of the course! We will assign the mentor to every student depending on their experience & expertise.

career guidance

Group Critique Sessions

Get feedback from your peers on various case studies, discussion topics & presentations for every section that you study. There is an allocated time of 2 hours for these sessions which we recommend attending.



The topics covered under this module include Introduction to AI, Practical applications of AI, Data Selection and visualization, AI Project Selection and Project Management and Data Transformation. The program culminates with you building your own AI game using code templates.


-> Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
-> Fundamentals of Excel
-> Fundamentals of Statistics
-> Fundamentals of Product Management




Alumni, Cohort 3

Product Manager


“I cannot be thankful enough to the Pragmatic Leaders team for the career track it has put me in. Being a PM aspirant for more than a year, I know how difficult it is to crack into this ecosystem.”

Rakesh Krishna
Alumni, Cohort 1

Product Consultant


“The best part about this course is the opportunity it gives you to apply the learning in the real world and transform your idea into a real software product.”

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence 101
What is Artificial Intelligence 00:05:00
What is Machine Learning 00:05:00
What is Deep Learning 00:05:00
How AI/ ML/ DL differ fundamentally 00:10:00
Why AI is useful when making a product 00:15:00
When does it make sense to use AI in the core of product 00:05:00
History of use of data in product management 00:05:00
Case study 1: Healthcare industry 03:00:00
Case Study 2: Insurance Claims 03:00:00
Case Study 3: Amazon’s AI 03:00:00
Different types of Machine Learning Algorithms 00:30:00
Identifying the right algorithm to use on your data 00:15:00
Visualizing the output correctly 00:20:00
Minimum data requirements when building such capabilities 00:10:00
Basic data cleaning, storing & processing algorithms 00:10:00
Problems that can arise in data & how to solve them 00:10:00
How lesser data can lead to skewed results 00:10:00
Identifying the effectiveness of implementation 00:15:00
Quiz- Section 1 00:30:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
Group Critique Session 1 02:00:00
Universal Product Life Cycle
Main stages of Universal Product Life Cycle 00:20:00
Introduction of Idea 00:05:00
Growth Stage 00:05:00
Maturity Stage 00:05:00
Saturation State 00:05:00
Decline State 00:05:00
Product Adoption curve & how you can use it 00:10:00
How can you identify if which phase you are going through? 00:10:00
How some of the best products have gone through the phases 00:15:00
Case Study 1: Google+ / Orkut 03:00:00
Case Study 2: Foursquare 03:00:00
Case Study 3: Instagram 03:00:00
What is innovation 00:10:00
Why is innovation important in your product 00:10:00
Quiz- Section 2 00:30:00
Group Critique Session 2 02:00:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
Product Development Process for Artificial Intelligence First Products
Product Development process for regular products 00:10:00
How the Product Development changes for AI products? 00:15:00
What are AI first Products 00:05:00
What are AI inside products 00:05:00
AI first vs AI Inside- what is the right way? 00:10:00
How to collect, store & process the data for your requirement 00:15:00
Developing AI product (process from Idea to algorithm) 00:15:00
How to prototype 00:10:00
How to QA your algorithm implementation? 00:10:00
How to Test 00:15:00
How handoff/ deployment would work for AI based products 00:10:00
How to justify ROI of an AI product? 00:05:00
Idea to launch process 00:05:00
Real world examples 00:30:00
Case Study 1: To do App (AI inside & AI first) 03:00:00
Case Study 2: Sailing across oceans through ships (Pre AI/ AI inside/ AI first) 03:00:00
Case Study 3: Sports Predictions 03:00:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
How to design for users/ User Development Process
Introduction to user research 00:10:00
UX research methodologies 00:15:00
20 UX methods in brief 00:20:00
Designing a normal product 00:10:00
Challenge in designing an AI product 00:15:00
Designing a pipeline for AI product 00:15:00
Case Study 1: Walmart is looking to increase sales 03:00:00
Case Study 2: Bank of America detecting fraudulent customers 03:00:00
Case Study 3: Facial Recognition being used for tagging criminals in FBI 03:00:00
Identifying goals 00:10:00
Extracting goals 00:10:00
Quiz- Section 3 00:30:00
Group Critique Session 3 02:00:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
Understanding the market needs
Biggest challenge for product managers 00:05:00
Why market or competitive research 00:10:00
Types of research 00:20:00
What is competitive research 00:10:00
Identifying competitors 00:05:00
Do I need to analyze all competitors 00:05:00
Algorithms to use when Analyzing competitors 00:10:00
Case Study 1: Etihad Airways planning to launch in a new demographic in Asia 03:00:00
Case study 2: The US government wants to predict the production of Cotton from Canada in future 03:00:00
Case Study 3: Amazon Prime wants to improve the screen time 03:00:00
Case Study 4/ Example 4: Candy Crush Saga wants to improve Screen time 03:00:00
Monitoring competitors 00:10:00
What do we ultimately care about as a pm 00:05:00
Quiz- Section 4 00:30:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
Group Critique Session 4 02:00:00
Conceptualizing a solution based on the needs- tools of trade
Introduction to Wireframing 00:10:00
Wireframe, mockup, prototype 00:10:00
Start sketching 00:10:00
Let’s sketch a mobile app 00:15:00
Master: POP 00:20:00
Master: Balasmiq 00:30:00
Master Case Study 1 03:00:00
Master Case Study 2 03:00:00
Quiz- Section 5 00:30:00
Review & recap 00:10:00
Group Critique Session 5 02:00:00

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