Airbnb is an online marketplace and a hospitality service that facilitates leasing or renting of residential properties to guests. Although today this startup needs no introduction, Airbnb did not become a billion-dollar company overnight.

The key learning objectives of this case study are to understand and consider the conceptual phenomenon of innovation; consumer-centric approaches for bringing innovation to practice; and the value of marketing for consumer-centric innovation.

The case study is to be solved in a self-paced format. We will be providing you with a sample solution and would recommend you to do a self-assessment after going through the explanation.


Real-world Problem Solving

We don’t believe just watching videos is enough to make you a product expert. With this in mind, we have built
real-world case studies that are holistic in nature containing scientifically proven pedagogical methods to help improve
learning outcomes.


In-Depth Product Focus

These cases will typically be based on a real live project, giving you insight into what
it’s like to work at that particular organization as a PM.


Pragmatic Learning

We help you in evaluating your thinking process, strategic skills, and the ability to make a strong case for your
interview recommendations.


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Course Curriculum

Case Study AirBnB Details 01:00:00
Upload AirBnB Assignment Details 1 week, 3 days
Quiz – case assessment 00:30:00
Solution Details 00:30:00
Self Evaluation 00:10:00
Case Study Feedback Details 00:01:00
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