Preparing to take the next leap and becoming a Product Manager? But you feel there are gaps that you need to fill? Through our Interview Room program, we prepare you to strategically ace any interview.


Bringing our experience in placing students worldwide combined with incredible global industry experts to help you transition into your dream PM role


We don’t believe just watching videos is enough to make you crack PM interview. With this in mind, we have added self paced practice sessions, live mock practice with PM expert, resume review and feedback, & comprehensive course content containing 65+ lesson plan covering all aspects of PM

Career & Placement support

We facilitate your placement by sharing the latest job opportunities and actively connecting you with relevant companies. Additionally, you will work directly with our mentor to improve your resume. Remember, a bad resume can be a deal breaker (1 month).

Comprehensive course content

There is no dearth of interview material on the web but its often scattered, confusing, conflicting. This course provides a systematic approach towards preparing for PM interviews. You will learn the core skills that top companies look for while hiring a PM.

Community access & peer support

Access to a vibrant & engaging community of Product Managers who provide active peer support through mock interviews, feedback on resume, sharing job opportunities. The community gets priority access to our online and offline events across 8 cities.



Alumni, Cohort 2

Radhey transitioned from Lead Developer to technical PM at Pay Pal

“One-one counseling session & mentorship provided by Talvinder helped me crack the interview at Paypal. The course dives deep into every aspect of Product management with ample practice sessions. I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to transition into PM domain.”


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Course Curriculum

Welcome to Pragmatic Leaders 00:05:00
How to prepare for your interview 00:15:00
Structure of a Product Management interview 00:20:00
Universal framework for every PM interview question 00:20:00
Why not to read Decode and conquer 00:10:00
Product questions
Introduction to product questions 00:15:00
How to answer Product strategy questions 00:18:00
Go to market for a robot delivery service 00:24:00
Pricing for fleet of self-driving taxi service 00:20:00
Pricing for a new ToDo app 00:16:00
How to handle Product Vision questions 00:20:00
How to answer Product design questions 00:25:00
How to come up with ideas 00:28:00
Keyboards 00:25:00
Hyper local groups 00:20:00
Linkedin invites and messages 00:25:00
Facebook marketplace 00:24:00
Answering product roadmap questions 00:18:00
Answering What is your favourite product 00:20:00
Reading Material – Product Questions 08:00:00
Estimation questions
Introduction to estimation questions 00:15:00
Revenue of uber 00:30:00
Mobile screens in the world 00:30:00
Push notifications 00:25:00
Estimation mock: estimate number of interview mocks 00:25:00
Practice questions on estimation 04:00:00
Fact Sheet for Estimations 01:00:00
Reading Material – Estimation questions 08:00:00
Analytical questions
Introduction to analytical questions 00:15:00
Improve Instagram feed 00:25:00
Improve Gmail 00:24:00
App access latency 00:30:00
Key metrics of Amazon prime 00:25:00
Art of omelette 00:20:00
Dog walker trust factor 00:25:00
Analytical Mock: A/B test uber pool 00:30:00
Product Management Analytical questions practice 05:00:00
Reading Material – Analytical questions 08:00:00
Technical questions
Introduction to technical questions 00:25:00
Wishlist button implementation 00:35:00
Amazon dash 00:30:00
Wearable 00:30:00
Learning material 08:00:00
Hacking your interview
STAR framework 00:20:00
Triangle method – framework 00:25:00
How to maximise your preparation time 00:30:00
How to get shortlisted 00:25:00
How to ace your phone interview 00:25:00
How to dress for the interview 00:10:00
How to present effectively in interviews 00:20:00
How to handle silence in the interview 00:15:00
What to do post interview 00:25:00
Reading Material – Hacking your interview 07:00:00
Behavioral questions
Introduction to behavioral questions 00:10:00
How to prepare for behavioral questions 00:25:00
Tell me about yourself 00:20:00
Why do you want to work at this company? 00:15:00
How have you had an impact at your previous company? 00:25:00
What is your “superpower” as a product manager? 00:15:00
Tell me about a time where you had to make a controversial decision 00:20:00
Tell me about a time where you made a gut decision without the use of data 00:28:00
Tell me about the most challenging problem you’ve faced as a product manager 00:25:00
What was your biggest mistake as a product manager? 00:20:00
Reading Material – Behavioral questions 07:00:00
How to plan your interview and job hunt 00:25:00
How to keep your spirits high 00:15:00
How to find a mentor 00:20:00
Sample scripts to find mentor 00:30:00
Best wishes and let us know 00:05:00
Survey 00:05:00
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