This course will prepare you to crack Product Management Interviews.

In the course, we provide a PM Interview handbook & videos by the best PM’s globally.

This self-paced course is packed with incredible content, videos, handbook and sample questions that are needed to perform in interviews. From most asked questions to the most appropriate answers for uncertain situations, we cover it all. This course is a must-do for those preparing for Product Manager roles at any organisation.

We have designed the curriculum to assist you in your full stack product management interview preparation.

Badges to Earn on Completion

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Course Curriculum

Intro to PM Interview course
Welcome to PM Interview Details 00:05:00
How to make the most of this course Details 01:30:00
Learning timetable 2, 00:00
Learning Goals 2, 00:00
Learning Gaps 2, 00:00
PM interview handbook
PM Interview Primer Details 01:00:00
PM interview sessions with experts
Cracking PM interview by Fernando, [email protected] Details 01:15:00
Cracking PM Interview by Fernando, [email protected]
How to Prepare by Stephen [email protected] Details 01:05:00
How to crack PM interviews by Gayle Laakmann McDowell Details 01:00:00
10 PM questions asked in interviews with their answers
Types of Product Management Interview questions Details 00:15:00
10 Product Management interview questions and answers Details 01:00:00
how to answer the popular question Details 00:20:00

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