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Gain confidence and understanding of KPIs and Metrics



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You have gone through hell and have finally launched your beloved product.

Awesome! Congrats!

Have you thought about how to know whether the product is doing what it was supposed to do? Is it actually solving user’s pain points? Perhaps you have, perhaps you have not. Either way, measuring the outcomes of your product is the only way to make progress, else you are shooting in blind. Will you ever walk to an unknown place without a map? A well defined and charted set of KPIs and metrics provide you this chart to your product success.

You can’t pick a bunch of random metrics and slap onto your product once you have launched it. It is a deliberate and diligent exercise to identify what will the success of your product looks like, what metrics and KPIs will actually help you show that your product is succeeding.

In this course, we go through this very exercise of how to pick the right metrics and KPIs. Which frameworks can be used and how to measure product success effectively.


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Course Curriculum

KPIs and Metrics
Introduction Details 00:04:00
Quiz- Intro to KPI’s & Metrics 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Metrics & KPI Details 01:14:00
Quiz- KPI’s & Metrics 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Picking the right metrics Details 00:10:00
Quiz- Pricing the right metrics 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Frameworks Details 00:24:00
Quiz- Frameworks 01:00:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
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