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5 hour videos 2-3 hours for quizzes


None. Basic PM concepts will be useful

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You will be able to write usable and readable PRD



Completely online self-paced video lectures with quizzes


Yes and badge for excellence

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  • 6 units covering 40 topics
  • 6 quizzes
  • 4.5 hours of learning material in the form of videos and articles
  • Lifetime access to the student community
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  • Completion certificate
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You have done the hard work. You came up with a brilliant solution to a pressing problem. You validated it with the market, did competitive research, tweaked your solution and are now ready to build it. Don’t be surprised, if I tell you that most solutions die here. They die because they are not translated into readable and usable specifications or specs in short. The specs are not written comprehensively, miss out on edge cases or simply written poorly. In the absence of good specs, products get delayed, developers and designers hate working on the product. QA doesn’t have clear guidelines on what was expected from the product, so can’t do a good job at testing the product. You see, poor specs have a cascading effect on everything.

In this course, you will get answers and hands-on methods to build great usable specs. Specs that people will like to read. And I can say confidently, that this is the only detailed course you will find on writing PRDs. Go ahead and dive in.


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Course Curriculum

Modeling a solution - Part I
Introduction 00:57:00
Quiz- Modeling a solution 00:30:00
Survey 00:05:00
Modeling with SDLC, OO, B.O.O.M 00:33:00
Quiz- Modeling with SDLC, OO, B.O.O.M 00:45:00
Survey 00:05:00
Popular Artifacts 00:10:00
Quiz- Modeling Artefacts 00:30:00
Survey 00:05:00
Modeling a solution - Part II
B.O.O.M Step 1 00:43:00
Quiz- B.O.O.M Step 1 01:00:00
Survey 1 00:05:00
B.O.O.M Step 2 01:46:00
Quiz 2- B.O.O.M Step2 00:30:00
Survey 2 00:05:00
B.O.O.M Step 2 contd. & Step 3 00:47:00
Quiz 3- B.O.O.M Step3 00:30:00
Survey 3 00:05:00


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