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A Product Manager needs to have incredible people skills. You will be working with developers, designers, business stakeholders all having some or other expectations from you. None of them are reporting to you but you are expected to get the product shipped with them. The challenge is pretty solid. Additionally, in a lot of companies, the culture is set to pit one team against another, making the job of a PM pretty hard.

I hope I have not painted a very gory image for you 🙂 But it is a pretty honest one.

Hence, it is important that you train yourself in people skills. How to handle sticky situations, how to document, communicate and collaborate. For most of us, it sounds simple and natural but I hope it was. Learn these skills and become an effective product manager.


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Course Curriculum

People Management
General Communication Skills- Communicate Product Vision Details 00:10:00
Quiz- Communicate product vision 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
General Communication Skills- Communicate Product Design & Day-To-Day Tasks Details 00:20:00
Quiz- Communicate product design 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Working with Engineers Details 00:15:00
Quiz- Working with Engineers 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Working with Designers and Executives Details 00:10:00
Quiz- Working with Designers & Executives 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Psychometric Analysis Details 00:15:00
Quiz- Psychometric Analysis 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Pitching Your Product Details 00:10:00
Survey Details 00:05:00


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