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None. Basic business concepts will be helpful

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The most comprehensive PM course. Period.



Completely online self-paced video lectures with quizzes


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  • 15 modules with 100 units covering 270 topics
  • Around 50 quizzes
  • 80 hours of learning material in the form of videos and articles
  • Lifetime access to student community
  • Alumni status
  • Completion certificate
  • Excellence badge if you score more than 70%



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This is the most comprehensive and updated course on Product Management on the internet. No other course comes even close to the amount of material and depth of concepts, covered in the course.


Upskill or Get a Job as Product Manager!

Get structured, formal education in Product Management or get a job as Product Manager.

Whether you are looking to get a Job as a Product Manager or simply looking to get formal structured learning in Product Management, this program is all that you need. Choke full of concepts, frameworks, tips and everything else that a modern Product Manager needs.

Product management is one of the most coveted tech roles in the world. There are about 10000 open roles right now paying on average $120,000 per year. But how do you crack this role? There are no degrees or certificates to help you get into this role. And this is an advantage as well as disadvantage.

Advantage because absence of industry recognized degree or certificate makes Product Management very meritocratic and pragmatic.

Disadvantage because you need to learn a lot of concepts to be able to build a holistic perspective.

We have attempted to build a fully comprehensive course that covers every nook and cranny of what a PM needs to know. Starting with basics of what is a product, what is a feature, to how to come up with ideas, how to test those ideas, how to validate them, how to build differentiation in your ideas, how to convert ideas into products, how to do market research, how to compete effectively, how to learn user problems and do extensive user development, how to model your solutions, how to write PRDs, understanding design, understanding technology and its various layers, understanding data science, AI, to how to handle stakeholders, working at various levels, building effective communication skills, all the way to doing effective product releases. Everything gets covered.



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Radhey Shyam Meena

1:1 counseling sessions & mentorship provided by Talvinder, Founder at Pragmatic Leaders not only helped me to crack the interview at Paypal but also gave a deep understanding of Product Management. This is something invaluable for me!



Kushagra Mohan

Career support – I appeared for some 9 PM Interviews and ended up getting offers from 6, and I was able to join as a PM at a hike of 2.4x comapred to my last drawn CTC. Achieving this was beyond my realm had it not been the support from the Pragmatic community. They instilled the required confidence in me with right pedagogy and mentorship



Chetan Patel

This course is filled with so many gems backed by logic and reasons to turn an ordinary product person into an extraordinary Pragmatic Product leader. Course content is brilliant, weekly interactive case studies and discussions are priceless

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. But the course is extremely comprehensive and will definitely help you in cracking the PM role or to get ahead in your PM career

For 3 simple reasons: 1. Over 80 hours of material combined with quizzes, hands on frameworks and concepts makes this the last course you will ever need. It is 6 times more comprehensive than the most popular PM course on Udemy 2. This course has helped 100+ students to transition into PM and to get ahead in their PM career 3. Bi-weekly live online doubt sessions with industry experts

Yes. Every 2 weeks, a doubt session is conducted with industry experts.

Yes. By being part of this course, you will join the global student community.

Course Curriculum

Orientation video 00:10:00
Product Management
Understanding Products 00:08:00
Understanding Product Management 00:17:00
Quiz- Understanding Product Management 01:00:00
Roles & Responsibilities of Product Managers 00:19:00
Mapping Products to Product Managers 00:18:00
Quiz- Mapping products to PM’s 00:30:00
Additional Links – Product Management 00:20:00
Idea to Launch Process 00:15:00
Quiz- Idea to launch process 00:30:00
Innovation 00:25:00
Quiz- Innovation 00:30:00
Additional Links – innovation 00:10:00
Product Lifecycle & Adoption 00:18:00
Quiz- Product Lifecycle & Adoption 00:30:00
Software Development Lifecycle Part 1 00:16:00
Quiz- Software Development Lifecycle 1 00:30:00
Software Development Lifecycle Part 2 00:40:00
Quiz- Software Development Lifecycle2 00:30:00
Epics,Stories,Etc 00:53:00
Quiz- Epic, Stories etc 00:30:00
Additional Links – SDLC 00:20:00
User Development
Introduction to User Development 01:40:00
Quiz- Intro to user development 00:30:00
User Research Methods 01:10:00
Quiz- User research methods 01:00:00
Sample Research Exercises 00:12:00
Quiz- Sample research Exercises 00:30:00
User Development & Buyer Research 00:41:00
Quiz- User development & buyer research 00:30:00
Competitive & Market Analysis
Competitive Research 00:39:00
Quiz- Competitive Research 01:00:00
How to perform Competitive Research? 01:37:00
Quiz- Performing competitive research 00:30:00
Approaches 01:37:00
Quiz- Approaches to competitive research 00:30:00
Modeling a solution - Part I
Introduction 00:57:00
Quiz- Modeling a solution 00:30:00
Modeling with SDLC, OO, B.O.O.M 00:33:00
Quiz- Modeling with SDLC, OO, B.O.O.M 00:45:00
Popular Artifacts 00:10:00
Quiz- Modeling Artefacts 00:30:00
Modeling a solution - Part 2
B.O.O.M Step 1 00:43:00
Quiz- B.O.O.M Step 1 01:00:00
B.O.O.M Step 2 01:46:00
Quiz 2- B.O.O.M Step2 00:30:00
B.O.O.M Step 2 contd. & Step 3 00:47:00
Quiz 3- B.O.O.M Step3 00:30:00
KPIs and Metrics
Introduction 00:04:00
Quiz- Intro to KPI’s & Metrics 00:30:00
Metrics & KPI 01:14:00
Quiz- KPI’s & Metrics 00:30:00
Picking the right metrics 00:10:00
Quiz- Pricing the right metrics 00:30:00
Frameworks 00:24:00
Quiz- Frameworks 01:00:00
Data Science Part 1
Data Science for Product Managers 00:12:00
Quiz- Data Science for PM’s 00:15:00
Why Learn Data Science? 00:10:00
Quiz- Why learn Data Science 00:15:00
Data Science Concepts 00:10:00
Quiz- Data Science Concepts 00:30:00
Data Science Components for Product Managers 00:10:00
Quiz- Data Science components for PM’s 00:15:00
Data Science Part 2
Web Analytics 00:09:00
Quiz- Web Analytics 00:30:00
Google Analytics 00:16:00
Quiz- Google Analytics 00:30:00
Product & Engagement Analytics 00:04:00
Minimum Viable Product
Introduction to MVP 00:12:00
Quiz- Intro to MVP 00:30:00
MVP Experiment 00:12:00
Quiz- MVP Experiment 00:30:00
Assumptions 00:03:00
Quiz- Assumptions 00:30:00
Designing User Experience
Understanding UX Design 00:12:00
Quiz- Understanding UX design 00:30:00
Conceptualizing your Design 00:06:00
Quiz- Conceptualising your design 00:30:00
Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes 00:05:00
Quiz- Wireframes, mockups, prototypes 00:30:00
Sketching to Conceptualize your Solution 00:10:00
Quiz- Sketching to conceptualize your solution 00:30:00
Digital Tools for Sketching, Wireframing & Prototyping 00:07:00
Quiz- Digital tools for Sketching, Wireframing & Prototyping 00:30:00
Agile Product Management
Introduction to Agile 00:05:00
Quiz- Intro to Agile Product Management 00:30:00
Epics 00:05:00
Quiz- Survey, Epics 00:30:00
User Stories 00:11:00
Quiz- Survey, Stories 00:30:00
Acceptance Criteria 00:08:00
Quiz- Acceptance Criteria 00:30:00
JIRA for PMs 00:10:00
Quiz- JIRA for PM’s 00:30:00
Agile Estimates 00:12:00
Quiz- Agile Estimates 00:30:00
Agile Estimation Techniques 00:06:00
Roadmapping 00:05:00
Quiz- Roadmapping 00:30:00
Prioritization 00:14:00
Quiz- Prioritisation 00:30:00
Product Release
Product Release Planning 00:10:00
Quiz- Product Release Planning 00:30:00
Product Release Planning- Strategic Planning and Product Positioning 00:00:14
Quiz- Strategic Planning & Product Positioning 00:30:00
Product Release Planning-Content Creation and Distribution 00:15:00
Quiz- Content Creation & Distribution 00:30:00
Product Release Planning-Adoption & Retention 00:12:00
Quiz- Adoption & Retention 00:30:00
Product Release Planning- Measure 00:15:00
Quiz- Measure 00:30:00
Product Release Planning- Risk Mitigation 00:05:00
Quiz- Risk Mitigation 00:30:00
Retrospect & Pitfalls 00:15:00
Quiz- Retrospective & Pitfalls 00:30:00
People Management
General Communication Skills- Communicate Product Vision 00:10:00
Quiz- Communicate product vision 00:30:00
General Communication Skills- Communicate Product Design & Day-To-Day Tasks 00:20:00
Quiz- Communicate product design 00:30:00
Working with Engineers 00:15:00
Quiz- Working with Engineers 00:30:00
Working with Designers and Executives 00:10:00
Quiz- Working with Designers & Executives 00:30:00
Psychometric Analysis 00:15:00
Quiz- Psychometric Analysis 00:30:00
Pitching Your Product 00:10:00
Technology for PMs
Basics Of Internet 00:25:00
Quiz- Basics of Internet 00:30:00
Front End; Back End; Tech Stacks 00:50:00
Bonus Video 00:00:00
Quiz- Frontend, backend, tech stacks 00:30:00
Choosing The Right Tech Stack 00:10:00
Quiz 00:30:00
API- What is it? 00:15:00
Quiz- API 00:30:00
API- Functions 00:10:00
Quiz- API functions 00:30:00
Types of API 00:05:00
Quiz- Types of API 00:30:00
App Development- Web Apps 00:20:00
Quiz- App Development, Webapps 00:30:00
App Development: Android Mobile Apps 00:10:00
Quiz- App Development, Android mobile app 00:30:00
iOS Mobile Apps 00:15:00
Quiz- iOS Mobile Apps 00:30:00
AI Apps: Agents 00:10:00
Quiz- AI Apps- Agents 00:30:00
AI Apps: Environments & Neural Networks 00:10:00
Quiz- AI Apps, Environments & Neural networks 00:30:00
Machine Learning 00:05:00
Quiz- Machine Learning 00:30:00
Types of Machine Learning 00:10:00
Quiz- Types of Machine Learning 00:30:00
N- Git & Github 00:30:00
Quiz- NGit & Github 00:30:00
Additional Resources 00:00:00
Introduction To Pricing 00:12:00
Quiz- Introduction to pricing 00:30:00
Pricing Strategies: Purpose 00:04:00
Pricing Strategies: Pricing Elasticity & Competitive Pricing 00:03:00
Quiz- Pricing Strategy 1 00:30:00
Pricing Strategies: Skimming & Penetration Strategy 00:04:00
Quiz- Pricing Strategy 2 00:30:00
Pricing Strategies: Cost oriented & Value Oriented Pricing 00:08:00
Quiz- Pricing Strategy 3 00:30:00
Interview Preparation Material
Interview & Resume Preparation 02:00:00
Resume 00:00:00
Expert Videos
Analytics – Deep dive, case study on Hotstar and Flipkart 04:30:00
Analytics – Amplitude for PMs 00:15:00
Analytics – Webengage for PMs 00:26:00
Data Science – AMA with Gaurav Bubna PM @ Grab 02:05:00
UX – AMA with Nihar Manwatkar 02:31:00
AMA with Jai Mansukhani PM @Careem 00:59:00
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