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Launching a product starts with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. As time progresses, the product goes through iterations, meetings, discussions as the deadline creeps up. The vast majority of the time, deadlines are missed and last-minute issues come up that end up delaying the product, deadline after deadline.

This course is designed to give you a clear picture of effective ways of launching and releasing a product to the world. This course will walk you through the common mistakes that get overlooked during product releases.

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Course Curriculum

Product Release
Product Release Planning Details 00:10:00
Quiz- Product Release Planning 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Product Release Planning- Strategic Planning and Product Positioning Details 00:00:14
Quiz- Strategic Planning & Product Positioning 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Product Release Planning-Content Creation and Distribution Details 00:15:00
Quiz- Content Creation & Distribution 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Product Release Planning-Adoption & Retention Details 00:12:00
Quiz- Adoption & Retention 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Product Release Planning- Measure Details 00:15:00
Quiz- Measure 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Product Release Planning- Risk Mitigation Details 00:05:00
Quiz- Risk Mitigation 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
Retrospect & Pitfalls Details 00:15:00
Quiz- Retrospective & Pitfalls 00:30:00
Survey Details 00:05:00
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