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This case study will help you learn the various metrics required to gauge the success of a startup. In addition, you will learn the various facets required to attain maximum customer satisfaction and how to measure it. As Jeff Bezos says, CX before everything else.

It is to be solved in a self-paced format. We will be providing you with a sample solution and would recommend you to do a self-assessment after going through the explanation.





Real-world Problem Solving

We don’t believe just watching videos is enough to make you a product expert. With this in mind, we have built
real-world case studies that are holistic in nature containing scientifically proven pedagogical methods to help improve
learning outcomes.


In-Depth Product Focus

These cases will typically be based on a real live project, giving you insight into what
it’s like to work at that particular organization as a PM.


Pragmatic Learning

We help you in evaluating your thinking process, strategic skills, and the ability to make a strong case for your
interview recommendations.



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Course Curriculum

Case Study TopDox Details 01:00:00
Upload Topdox Assignment Details 1 week, 3 days
Upload your topdox Assignment 10, 00:00
Quiz 00:30:00
Solution Details 00:30:00
Self Evaluation 00:10:00
Case Study Feedback Details 00:01:00

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