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About the Program

This workshop is all about setting you up for success in your Product Management career. You’ll learn how to identify your customers and dive deep into their problems. You’ll discover how to use experimentation and Minimum Viable Products. And you’ll learn techniques for successfully building and launching your product or service.

The complete workshop experience is designed around interactive exercises, giving you the opportunity to practice using the tools and templates in the class environment, so you’re ready to use them on the job.

The course is based on the Pragmatic Leaders Product Management Framework.

Offline Course

2 days (16hrs.)

30 per city


Product Management WCC Delhi
Course starts at 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (both days)

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Venue: Announcing soon

Course Date
31 Aug-01 Sep ’19

Product Management WCC Hyderabad
Course starts at 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (both days)

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Venue: Insta Office, Gachibowli
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Course Date
29 – 30 June’19

Product Management WCC Bengaluru
Course starts at 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM (both days)

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Venue: Hypergrowth startup – CasaOne, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Course Date
13 – 14 July’19


What will you learn?
Agenda: Day-1 [ Starts at: 09:45 AM ]

Kick-off the learning weekend by getting your hands dirty. This activity has been designed to develop an intrinsic understanding of a Product, features, underlying design principals, behavioral systems and overall product vision. 

This case study has been carefully designed to introduce the complex intertwined product management concepts in a lucid manner, making it the perfect gateway to the course.

  • What is a Product

  • What is Product Management

  • Understanding the various roles in Product Management

    • Positioning your role in the Product Management domain

  • Key Product Management concepts

    • Problem before solution

Buyers versus users

We build upon our learnings from Activity 1 and Module 1, to introduce the frameworks that help in deciding the strategy and corresponding roadmap for the product. 

This case study will help you in developing an intuition of what factors matter, how to take decisions with limited data and take strategic calls.

  • Creating an effective Product Strategy

    • Linking Business, Market and Product strategies

  • Mapping between the Product Roadmap and Product Strategy

    • Creating and communicating Product Roadmaps

  • Principles of Lifecycle Management

    • Reporting and optimizing product performance

After the scrumptious lunch, let’s talk about some more food. The landscape of food has rapidly transformed the world over. New solutions have emerged, innovation is on a high drive and execution by upstarts like swiggy has built a unique new future.

The growing popularity of superfoods, inventions like the impossible burger and robo kitchens suggest that the game is far from over. 

In this case study, we deep dive into concepts that influence product design, innovation and execution.

  • Pragmatic Leaders offers a practical, repeatable approach that can be applied across many organizational structures. 
    The Framework includes three areas of focus:

o Product Innovation teaches Product Managers to quickly identify, test and choose opportunities that solve customer problems and deliver organizational benefits 

o Product Design teaches Product Managers to conduct user research, prototype and write effective user stories 

o Product Implementation teaches Product Managers to engage with other organisational stakeholders to deliver products

Agenda: Day-2 [ Starts at: 09:45 AM ]

Innovation is key to building defensible moats and in this case study, we learn the factors that ignite the innovation spark from products built over the past century. The writing was on the wall but few read it and even fewer implemented it. 

In this case study, you will practice how to spot such opportunities and win.

  • Generating, collecting and prioritizing ideas

  • Pursuing the right opportunity through customer discovery and market research

  • Aligning the opportunity to strategy

  • Iterating and testing the opportunity to identify customer problem fit

  • Calculating the opportunity risks and financials

  • Communicating and presenting the opportunity to stakeholders

  • Making a judgment call to pursue or discard the opportunity

Designing and owning the user experience is not limited to just the app or web interface, but extends throughout the journey of the user. 

In this case study, you will learn what it takes to build a seamless delightful omnichannel experience for the users.

  • Learning the principles of Design Thinking

  • Understanding customer goals and tasks through user research

  • Synthesizing customer data into meaningful user personas and story maps

  • Prototyping solutions and testing for problem solution fit

  • Creating user stories and translating stories into product features

  • Defining Minimum Viable Product through a value and benefit prioritization model

  • Exploring funding options for solution development

  • Finalising the product financial

Last 10% takes 90% of effort. This can be made better, less painful, less cathartic, less surprising. After all the hard work spent on formulating the product and its various facets, you need to get the product in the hands of the audience you segmented and identified. Delivering and launching the product takes diligent, persistent hard work and in this case study we take you through the entire journey.

  • Working effectively with design and technical teams to deliver the product

  • Communicating the value proposition and the product’s competitive position

  • Engaging sales and marketing resources to promote the product through right channels

  • Preparing the company for product launch


Launching and celebrating

Early bird discount ₹9449 ₹5999 for first 10 registrations only!


Networking Event

We are inviting industry leaders for a closed group discussion with the PM weekend crash course participants. This is your chance to access the industry leaders, ask your questions and build a good network.

Demo Day

Over the two days you would have produced multiple artefacts like metrics measurement framework, wireframes, PRD etc.which will be presented to the rest of your peers and industry leaders for the feedback.


All the participants who have attended for 2 full days of Weekend Crash Course will get a participation certificate. The best demo gets a special mention by our mentors and an award at the end of the 2-day crash course.

Community Access

Access to vibrant & engaging community of Product Managers, enthusiasts, and senior members who share meaningful resources, provide active peer to peer support and lots of interesting growth opportunities.

Who Should Attend this weekend crash course?

  • Beginner Product Management and PM teams will benefit the most from doing this course.
  • Product teams who attend will have everyone using the same language and process. Re-set the team and get ready for improved cadence and business outcomes.
  • Those who are looking to transition into Product Management job or want to start applying for a PM role.
  • Those who are an early stage entrepreneur or those who are looking to scale their own products and teams.

Learning Outcomes

  • Uncover, prioritize and test ideas
  • Move from customer problem fit to product market fit
  • Effectively plan the product delivery and go-to-market activities
  • Engage stakeholders throughout the product design and implementation process
  • Maximise day-to-day activities, monitoring product performance and keeping abreast of market changes

Business Benefits

  • Delighted customers
  • More profitable,market-driven products and services
  • Minimization of product failure by removing ‘gut-feel’ Product Management decisions
  • A consistent approach across product teams and their stakeholders who build, market, sell and support products

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This crash course is equivalent to 6 weeks of product management learning! 1 weekend to set you on the right path of Product Management

capstone project

6 hands-on activities


6 deep dive lectures


16 hours

career guidance

1 weekend

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Utkarsh Singh
Alumni, Cohort 2

Kushagra Mohan
Alumni, Cohort 2

Meet the Instructor

Talvinder Singh has 10+ years of experience in Product Management. In the past, he has worked as a Product Head for OYO Flagship and CPO for FREECULTR. In 2011, he co-founded tushky, an online marketplace for local activities. He has spent many years building software products, building teams and training PMs who now work for India’s leading online travel company, car rental company, marketing automation firm and so on.


Primary Course Author & Founder, Pragmatic Leaders

10+ years experience

ex-Product Head @ OYO Flagship | ex-CPO @ Freecultr

ex-Founder & CEO @ Tushky  |  500startups, GSF, IITB

Linkedin | Twitter | Medium | Facebook


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Course Batches

Course Curriculum

Module 1 & 2 - Foundations of Product Management
Activity 1 – God of TODO Details 01:30:00
Debriefing – Foundations of good product management Details 01:30:00
Module 3 & 4 - Strategy & Lifecycle Management
Activity 2 – Platforms vs Products vs Services Details 01:30:00
Debriefing – Strategy & Lifecycle Management Details 01:30:00
Module 5 & 6 - Pragmatic Leaders Product Management Framework
Activity 3 – Future of Food Details 03:00:00
Debriefing – Pragmatic Leaders Product Management Framework Details 03:00:00
Build mock Details 01:30:00
Presentations & Certificate Distribution Details 02:00:00
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