Pragmatic Leaders

PG Certificate Program in Product Management

Master Product Management skills, tools and get industry certified within 8 weeks

Pragmatic Leaders
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15+ live case
solving with mentor & 35+ practice cases
2 personal 1:1 resume iterations & career guidance sessions
validated certification
and economical

Success Stories

Our learners have received salary hike between 30% to 300% and got placed in top-notch organisations like Walmart Labs, PayPal, Flipkart, Paytm, Hotstar, Car Dekho to name a few.

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Program Overview

What you get

A program designed to help you Efficiently manage the end-to-end product life cycle and deliver business success



15+ live case solving with mentor on weekends suited for working professionals & 35+ practice cases



Real world practitioners with at least 10+ years of product experience



Learn with experienced working professionals for a diverse worldview


Weekly Live lectures on 15 Product Management topics, hands on learning on PM tools, 100+ hours of content & real world cases


Dedicated lectures on resume preparation and career guidance on rapid placement framework of PL + Interview preparation course


ifetime access to community events, and job board 'truehike

Application Process


Apply for the program, get your application reviewed by the admissions team, and receive an email if shortlisted.


You can pay upfront through Net Banking.

You can also choose to pay via EMI with our NBFC partner for easy student loan.


Get onboarded into the program and brace yourself for the most exciting career journey in Product Management.

Eligibility Criteria

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Aspiring product managers from any background who work with cross-functional teams

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Founders who wish to built rock solid product and guide their teams

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Accidental APMs and PMs looking for advanced, structured lecture based training


The Post Graduate certificate in Product Management is an online part program designed for working professionals. The classes are conducted over weekends (Sat- Sunday) for 8 weeks

At the PL Institute, we get experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds like marketing, growth, developer, Operations, Project Management, BA who wish to transition into their first product role OR have been working with cross functional teams and looking for a structured live lecture based program.

There are accidental APMs and PMs who lack the confidence and unable to grow in their career because of application and knowledge gaps.

We highly recommend this program for both these audiences.

If you are an experienced Product Manager, please explore our Executive PM  Programs

All the mentors teaching at PL are senior real world working professionals with at least 8+ years of Product Management professionals working in top companies like AWS, Microsoft, Google., spotify, oracle etc. The mentors know exactly what it takes to get hired as a Product Manager and succeed in the role. Our mentors are trained on PL frameworks and pedagogy

We accept corporate sponsorships and can assist you with the process. For more information, you can contact us at

Have you ever felt you were lacking as a Product Manager and were unsure about what to do next? Or
Your abilities were questioned by your team? Or
You started identifying clear gaps in your application or knowledge? Or
Unable to grow as quickly because of lack of confidence or inability to make data driven decisions ?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, this is a program that will help you perform confidently in your job and excel in your career

Yes, with our corporate financial partnerships, you can pay via EMI with our NBFC partner for easy student loan


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Diploma Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 3 Apr’21

Registrations close on 27 Mar’21
Seats Left: 3

Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Lefts: 14

Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Lefts: 15

Artificial Intelligence Program


Program Features

  • Learn advanced skills and gain a thorough understanding of modern AI
  • Solve Real world projects in AI
  • Learn to build AI models from the scratch
  • Not a Job Guarantee Program

Great For

  • Working professional in managerial role who want to develop core AI skills to build their career in machine learning and AI
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to learn and apply AI in their own businesses
  • Management Consultants looking to understand the applications of AI across Industries
  • Senior Managers & executives wanting to develop a strategic understanding of applied AI


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Certificate Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 22 Mar’21

Registrations close on 18 Mar’21
Seats Available: 12

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Left: 14

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Left: 15

Fees: $2499 $1899


Flipped Classroom


Our learners learn by discussing and debating on real-world problems and are actively involved in the solution design process.

Conventional classroom

Sage on Stage

  • A teacher shares the knowledge via live presentations
  • Teachers are at the center of the learning and considered sage on stage
  • Knowledge transfer is one-way and the focus is on knowledge retention
  • Learners don’t get to discuss their ideas or opinions in the class
  • Hence, most learners are unable to apply these concepts in their everyday work life
  • Great for scenarios, where knowledge acquisition and retention is the only focus

Flipped classroom

Guide on side

  • Learners are the center of the universe
  • Classes are meant for healthy discussions and debates on topics
  • Learners go through the material on their own provided by the mentors
  • Mentors work as guide on the side, with the learners
  • Learners develop skills on problem solving, critical thinking and self-learning – the 21st century skills that employers look for
  • Great for scenarios where application skills matter
  • 21st century skills require guide on the side. Simply acquiring knowledge is worthless now.

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