PG Diploma Program in Product Management

Pay After Placement | 10 Months |  1:1 Career Mentorship

Learn from Asst. VP Product at IDFC First Bank |  Enquire: +91 78272 77699

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Product Management Program that Invests in you

Pragmatic Leaders offers the only “Pay after Placement” program in Product Management for working professionals with at least 2 years of experience looking to transition into product roles.

This is a completely online, case study based program. Our unique approach has resulted in 79% placement success with an average 50% salary hike for our learners. Our graduates are now building products for Walmart Labs, Paypal, Amazon, Paytm, Casa One, Bajaj Finserv, and more.

The program duration is 10 months where you will pay the full tuition fee after getting job placement at zero interest EMI. From your post-program salary, you pay $5000 (after getting hired).

Meet our learners!

Learn Product Management with Director of Product @ OYO 🇮🇳

Learn Product Management with Asst. VP Product @ IDFC First Bank 🇮🇳

Satyaki Banerjee


Asst. VP Product Management @


07+ years of experience

India 🇮🇳​

Registrations open for Cohort 20 closing on 12 July 2021

Cohort begins in 


Only 8 seats left!

Our Mentors are from

What's Inside the Program

Pay After Placement

  • Pay after placement program for early stage product professionals or highly motivated professionals looking to transition in to a product role
  • In this pay after placement program, you pay us the full fee after you get your first salary

1:1 Career Mentorship

  • Up to 33 weeks of 1:1 career Mentorship by real-world practitioners to help you maximize your placement outcomes
  • Get dedicated hours with your mentor to chalk out your career trajectory, detailed interview prep, post-interview discussions, and salary negotiations to maximize your outcome

Confirmed Salary hike

  • Get confirmed salary hike of up to 50%
  • Our learners have received hikes between 30% to 300% in incredible companies like Walmart Labs, Paypal, Flipkart, Sharechat, Khatabook, Paytm and more.

Learn from Silicon Valley Product Manager!

PG Diploma Program™

in Product Management

Program Fees

Pay after Placement | 10 Months | 1:1 Mentorship

Fees: $5000 (after getting hired)

We Invest in your career

Most product Management programs charge high fees for simply rewarding certification regardless of whether their students get placed. At Pragmatic Leaders, our approach is to link your training with job guarantee. We charge a fully refundable deposit of $500 upfront as enrollment fee which is refundable if you withdraw within a week or do not get placement after the completion of the program. We cover the entire cost of your tuition fee and career support till you get a job placement. After placement you’ll pay us $5000.

Our students have seen an average salary hike of 50% post this program.
We have gone a step ahead, Institute will also bear your interest for 3 months on your EMI.

  • You join the program by paying $500 refundable deposit. Say, you join the program at the current CTC of 12L
  • You get hired and your new CTC is 21L. You opt for 24 month EMI. You will pay INR 13,900* on monthly basis till you reach a cap of INR 3,70,000 as a full and final amount
  • Payments end once you have reached a cap of $5000 (or INR 3,70,000) or your payment schedule ends – whichever comes first

*calculated on the USD conversion rate for the day. Expect a small conversion fee as charged by Indian banks.

With our corporate financial partnerships avail education loans at 0% interest rate.


Learn about PG Diploma Program in PM

3 months of structured project-based learning and 7 months of personalized career support by a senior mentor

  • The entire curriculum is divided into 15 real-world global case studies​
  • To solve these case studies, Learner relies on 120+ hours of in-depth video content, quizzes, and study material​​
  • Learner receives qualitative and quantitative feedback from mentor to understand skill gaps and iterate​
  • Additional office hours with mentor to resolve road blocks and doubts​​​
  • This phase will also comprise of job readiness sessions focused on building your resume, profile, placement deck.

On completion of training requirements, we provide 1:1 Personalized job and extensive career support which includes:

  • Upto 33 weeks of 1:1 career Mentorship by real-world practitioners to help you maximize your placement outcomes
  • Get dedicated hours with your mentor to chalk out your career trajectory, detailed interview prep, post-interview discussions, & salary negotiations to maximize your outcome
  • Focus on optimising career opportunities, applying & getting shortlisted for product roles

Learn from Product Head @ Fliit (Germany) | Cohort starts on: 3 April 2021

Join India's #1
Product Management Program

Our mentors are seasoned practitioners who bring in in-depth experience from their field to our virtual classrooms. They provide real world insights and follow the principle of “learn by doing” to help Pragmatic build the next generation of product leaders.

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Strong Community

Become Pragmatic Leaders™ Certified

Our graduates use their course certificate to demonstrate skills to employers and their LinkedIn networks.

Our students are placed at

Meet Our Program Mentors

Learn from leading practitioners in product management. Our mentors come from top organizations having build or trained large product teams.

Jack Moore

jack moore

Sr. Product Manager @

7+ years of experience

USA 🇺🇸

Suman Chittimuri


Sr. Product Manager @

20+ years of experience

India 🇮🇳

Surbhi Dangi


Sr. Product Manager @

12+ years of experience

San Francisco 🇺🇸

Get trained from top industry practitioners

Upskill with Mentor from Germany! Only 3 seats available for cohort starting on 3 April 2021


Why learn with us

Pay when you get a placement

There is no upfront fee. You pay via an Income Share Agrement (ISA) when you get Placement. However, we only request a fully refundable deposit of $500 once you get selected to confirm your seat. Only once you achieve the mutually consented outcome, you are liable to pay Pragmatic Leaders $5000 from your post program new salary after placement.

Pay in Easy Monthly Installments at Zero interest

Pragmatic Leaders have partnered with Non Banking Financial Companies to provide interest free loans to our Learners. Once the outcome is achieved, you can pay your final dues upfront or across 06 months at Zero interest.

Lifetime community support

We provide lifetime access to private slack channel to network with other fellow PMs, attend AMA’s, webinars with global PMs, receive exclusive job opportunities and career support whenever you are looking to transition.


Meet our Graduates

As part of PL alumni community, you’ll gain access to networking events worldwide to keep evolving yourself for years to come.

Application Process

Step 1


Apply for PG Diploma Program in Product Management:  Click here

Our admissions team will review the application and shortlisted candidates will be notified via email.

Step 1

Step 2


Complete our loan formalities with our NBFC partner for zero interest loan to be paid only after placement is achieved. Sign the TnC agreement with us to begin your onboarding.

Step 2

Step 3

Refundable Deposit

If selected, you pay a fully refundable deposit of $500 to ensure only serious learners apply and no seat goes unutilized. This amount is adjusted against the final dues.

Step 3

Step 4


Learners will be onboarded into the program to start the most exciting career journey into product management.

Step 4

What happens if you opt for EMI options?

Candidate will be introduced to our financial partner and he/she will be required to submit the ID proof and other relevant documents as per standard procedure. Selected candidates will be notified and the loan contract will be signed with the Financial Partner and Agreement will be signed with Pragmatic Leaders.

Once the process is complete, candidate will be onboarded into the program.


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Diploma Program

Cohort 20

Starts: 17 July’21

Registrations close on 12 July’21
8 Seats Left

Cohort 21

Starts: 13 Aug’21

Registrations close on 10 Aug’21
9 Seats Left

Cohort 22

Starts: 11 Sept’21

Registrations close on 8 Sept’21
14 Seats Left


Frequently asked questions

The course is entirely online.The entire course has been designed to prepare you for the future of work, which is increasingly remote and independent.  

– You must have a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in any field
– You must have a keen interest in the product domain and be willing to put in required efforts to transition into a product role
– You must be proficient in spoken and written English

Every learner enrolled under the pay after placement program needs to comply with all the mandatory requirements listed below:
– Weekly commitment of 8-10 hours
Attending all the mentor support calls
– Self-discipline
– Adherence to timelines: Completing all the assignments given by the mentor as per the shared timelines

Once you are in, you are given access to our learning platform ‘Truemerit’ where our mentors and our team constantly monitor your performance and support you whenever you need help.

You do not have to pay any fee upfront we get paid only when you get your desired outcome. We only request for a fully refundable deposit of $500 to reserve your seat, as we have limited seats. This is adjusted in the final dues. Once you achieve your outcome, you pay us $5000.

The course includes 3 months of structured training and up to 7 months of career support. The maximum program duration is considered as 10 months.

ISA or Income Share Agreement is used to pay Pragmatic Leaders once you have achieved your mutually consented outcome. In a nutshell, we succeed only if you have succeeded and achieved your desired goal through this program.

Yes, you can pay the program fee in EMI’s. With our corporate financial partnerships you can avail education loans at 0% interest rate.

To enroll for the program via EMI you can drop us an email at

No, it is in our interest and yours, that the placements happen sooner. 

  • To achieve this, the career phase kicks in from week 2 itself along with your academic phase. You have sessions with our alumni who share their experience and give you tips which are very useful.
  • By the time you complete 10 weeks of training, you would have undergone multiple iterations of your CV, profile, and would have completed mock interview sessions. 
  • Post 10 -12 weeks depending on readiness, your career mentorship kicks in. where the career mentor prepares you for actual interviews, career trajectory, which companies are best suited for you and which are not, You start applying for jobs, appearing for interviews and so on. As we go along, we keep on refining these skills. The phase is pretty intensive where we expect students to be extremely proactive in applying and seeking mentor’s help to crack the interview.


Yes, you will be awarded a digital certificate after you have successfully completed the program requirements.

No worries. Please enroll for our PG certificate Program in Product Management. The program fee is $1899. This includes 9 weeks of structured training and  3 weeks of 1:1 personalized career mentorship.


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Diploma Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 3 Apr’21

Registrations close on 27 Mar’21
Seats Left: 3

Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Lefts: 14

Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Lefts: 15

Artificial Intelligence Program


Program Features

  • Learn advanced skills and gain a thorough understanding of modern AI
  • Solve Real world projects in AI
  • Learn to build AI models from the scratch
  • Not a Job Guarantee Program

Great For

  • Working professional in managerial role who want to develop core AI skills to build their career in machine learning and AI
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to learn and apply AI in their own businesses
  • Management Consultants looking to understand the applications of AI across Industries
  • Senior Managers & executives wanting to develop a strategic understanding of applied AI


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Certificate Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 22 Mar’21

Registrations close on 18 Mar’21
Seats Available: 12

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Left: 14

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Left: 15

Fees: $2499 $1899


Flipped Classroom


Our learners learn by discussing and debating on real-world problems and are actively involved in the solution design process.

Conventional classroom

Sage on Stage

  • A teacher shares the knowledge via live presentations
  • Teachers are at the center of the learning and considered sage on stage
  • Knowledge transfer is one-way and the focus is on knowledge retention
  • Learners don’t get to discuss their ideas or opinions in the class
  • Hence, most learners are unable to apply these concepts in their everyday work life
  • Great for scenarios, where knowledge acquisition and retention is the only focus

Flipped classroom

Guide on side

  • Learners are the center of the universe
  • Classes are meant for healthy discussions and debates on topics
  • Learners go through the material on their own provided by the mentors
  • Mentors work as guide on the side, with the learners
  • Learners develop skills on problem solving, critical thinking and self-learning – the 21st century skills that employers look for
  • Great for scenarios where application skills matter
  • 21st century skills require guide on the side. Simply acquiring knowledge is worthless now.

Launching Soon!

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