Post Graduate Diploma in Product Management

Are you a working professional and want to switch into a product role?

You’re looking at the most comprehensive 6 month Diploma program that gets you where you want to be with the certification that you need. 

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Hear from them

The suggestions shared by my mentor benefited me a lot to expect the kind of questions that will be asked and the approach to frame the answers. I could confidently take up 2-3 interviews with just 1 mock up session.

Ameena Khuteja
Student (PGD Cohort 32)

Trusted by Hundreds of Students, Like you.

I had switched department and was looking for a good program where I could learn about Product Management end to end. I was fortunate to have found Pragmatic Leaders where I got an awesome mentor who not only has industry experience but has absolutely clarity on the concepts.


Anyone who is genuinely interested and curious to get into Product, this is the platform you should connect to. Your dedication, hunger, and efforts are combined with PL’s curriculum & mentoring will then land you a Product role in no time

Kamaljit dekka

“I recommend you to join PL for cracking into product space and find your dream PM job. Get the right mentorship and guidance amidst the whole fuss going around PM jobs. It will help you to get a structured, directional approach towards cracking a PM job!

Vaibhav Marichetty

I feel happy with my decision to enroll with PL as they connected me to the company that I am working for now. Talvinder’s exclusive sessions and Mentor connect was my favorite part of the course. Our mentor was really amazing and good at brainstorming and drilling. The course helped me a lot in transforming me as a product manager.”

Nandini Vashishtha

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8 June 2024

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8 July 2024

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Your Program Journey

Learn, Build Concepts, and Practice with PL

Phase 1 (Week 1-14)

Build and Develop

  • Perfect Fit in Your Career Course – helps you build assets like a resume and portfolio, and identify companies that suit your profile.
  • Develop soft skills through 15 case studies and 120+ hours of study material.
  • Join weekly LIVE lectures and group career preparation sessions with mentors.
  • Practice weekly mock interviews with PL mentors to optimize career opportunities and get shortlisted for product roles.
Phase 1 (Week 1-14)

Phase 2 (Week 15-26)

Deliver and Measure

  • Use Truefit Match to find the right job match for you.
  • Benefit from up to 3 months of 1:1 career mentorship by real-world practitioners.
  • Get exclusive time with industry experts to maximize your placement outcomes.
  • Practice 1:1 mock interviews with mentors from PL ecosystem.
  • Attend pre-placement talks by recruiters in PL network.
  • Join retro sessions with PL mentors to identify gaps and take corrective actions.
Phase 2 (Week 15-26)

Note: Placement support is only given after fulfilling all program requirements.

Meet Your Mentors

Your Partners In Shaping Your Future

Application Process


Speak to our experienced counsellor who will capture your career aspirations and background


To apply, submit your resume and complete an online quiz. Our admissions team and principal mentor will evaluate your application before offering the program.


On selection, sign the terms and conditions agreement with PL to begin your placement process


You have an option to set up loan with the NBFC partner or may choose to pay directly to PL


Get on boarded into the program and brace yourself for the most exciting career journey in Product Management.

Eligibility Criteria

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Professionals with 2+ years or experience looking to transition to product role

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Fluent in spoken and written English. Good command over soft skills and presentation skills

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A keen interest in product domain, and long-term commitment to Product Management


This is a long answer, but here’s our attempt.

You will find tons of content as to why traditional MBA degrees are big NO NO for today’s job environment.

  • Pursuing an MBA involves a significant investment of time – up to 2 years and money, with a fee of around 20-30 lakh Vs PL’s upskilling program which comes at 1/10th of cost, faster, and better
  • Barring the few IIMs, upskilling program provides faster and better placement assistance with much higher salaries
  • Product management is a highly collaborative role that requires working closely with cross-functional teams, including engineers, designers, marketers, and salespeople. Being able to build strong relationships and communicate effectively with these teams is often more important than having an MBA degree
  • Many successful product managers come from diverse educational backgrounds, including engineering, design, marketing, and even liberal arts.These individuals bring different perspectives and skill sets to the role, which can be valuable in driving innovation and solving complex problems.
  • Finally, the product management field is constantly evolving, and the most successful product managers are those who are adaptable, curious, and willing to learn new skills. While an MBA degree can provide a strong foundation of business knowledge, it is not a guarantee of success in the rapidly changing world of product management.

Currently, we have several students in our PM program who have graduated from prestigious institutions such as ISB and multiple IIMs, however, they primarily come to us for placement assistance and gaining practical skills.

This is not a job guarantee program.

PL’s program is known for its strong placement assistance in helping learners secure jobs, irrespective of their background.

We have incorporated the same mentor services, curriculum, and job support that we did under job guarantee but removed the job guarantee clause primarily for these reasons

  1. To make exit from the program (if at all) flexible
  2. Ease of pausing and restarting the program which was impossible earlier due to 2 loan structures governed by NBFC
  3. Non payment of placement fee, unreasonable delay and default by students after getting placements during the program duration.

If you are willing to put in your 100%, we assure you that job placement is absolutely achievable. We go over and beyond to help hardworking and deserving candidates get placement in their dream jobs.

We prioritise personalised learning experience and create unique roadmaps for each student through mentor-guided sessions to ensure the company you apply to values your background and existing skills. Our committed placement team provides access to numerous job opportunities from PL exclusive network, and unparalleled 1:1 mentor support to help you prepare for each interview and maximise your chances of succeeding.

Jobs opportunities are sourced through various sources at Pragmatic Leaders

➤  Placement team sources jobs through their own networking.

➤  Companies reach out to us directly for industry ready candidates.

➤  Students source jobs through their own references, friends, colleagues.

➤  Our networking through our Mentors.

➤  Our networking through our Alumni.

We list our job postings in 3 buckets-

i. PL Partner

ii. PL Preferred Partner

iii. PL Exclusive Partner

Students have to apply for jobs through our Job board Truehike, once shortlisted placement team guides till the final selection and offer letters.

3-5 interview shortlists at the minimum.

nterview shortlist is based on a number of factors like how many jobs did you apply to, how well did you complete your assets like profile, resume, etc., how well are you prepared for interviews, how many mock sessions did you participate in, how many calls did you book with mentor to take guidance, to name a few.

Our AI based tools match your skill sets and background with company’s JD to give you the best fit & help you get 3-5 guaranteed shortlists to be able to choose your dream job. Personalized mentorship support and handholding at every interview stage including negotiation.

Our program is designed specifically for working professionals, so you won’t need to quit your job. As a student, you will need to commit 8-10 hours a week. This allows you to gain new skills and knowledge without sacrificing your existing work commitments. Expect some variance on a weekly basis depending on your strong / weak areas.

Our modules are designed as per the industry and recruiter requirements. We have 15 core cases and over 35+ practice cases aligned to the real world cases asked in interview rounds.

No, we do not build a live product in the program. Building a product in the program is not valued by the companies since this product has no usage. Recruiters test your conceptual understanding and thought process which won’t be developed by building product having no usage, and without any real world stress test.

Our modules are designed as per the industry and recruiter requirements. We have 15 core cases and over 35+ practice cases aligned to the real world cases asked in interview rounds.

Our product management program will teach you the Best Product Tools to name a few

  • Jira – A flexible and scalable issue tracker for software teams

  • Mixpanel –  An analysis platform for the mobile and web supporting businesses to study consumer behavior

  • Amplitude- Use an analytics platform for digital products help teams better understand user behavior.

  • Google Analytics- Provides data management, data consolidation, data analytics,and reporting.

  • Webengage – A full-stack marketing automation suite that drives growth for consumer businesses

  • Clevertap – A real time analytics tools for mobile engagement.

  • Aha- Web based product strategy and road mapping software for agile product  managers.

  • Roadmunk- Visual roadmap software product management.           

Many more …Hotjar, Pendo,Heap,Appsflyer, Segment.

A detailed lesson plan is shared on joining the program.

Learner must follow the requirements mentioned below:

  • Weekly commitment of 8-10 hours
  • Adherence to timelines: Completing all the assignments given by the mentor as per the shared timelines and attending all the mentor support calls

You must have a minimum 2 years of relevant work experience in any field, keen interest in the product domain and must be willing to put in required efforts to transition into a product role.

Yes, you will be awarded a digital certificate after you have successfully completed the program requirements.

It is our endeavor to get the best possible outcomes for our Learners. We are happy to take the post appraisal salary as the benchmark and work from there.

It is in our interest and yours, that the placements happen sooner.

To achieve this, the career phase kicks in from week 2 itself along with your academic phase. You have sessions with our alumni who share their experience and give you tips which are extremely useful.

By the time you complete 10 weeks of training, you would have undergone multiple iterations of your CV, profile, and would have completed mock interview sessions. Post 10-12 weeks depending on your readiness, your career mentorship kicks in where the career mentor prepares you for actual interviews, career trajectory, which companies are best suited for you, and which are not. You start applying for jobs, appearing for interviews, and so on. As we go along, we keep on refining these skills. The phase is intensive where we expect students to be extremely proactive in applying and seeking mentor’s help to crack the interview.

Yes, you can pay the program fee in EMI’s. With our corporate financial partnerships, you can avail low cost EMIs.

The program is at a highly discounted fee with limited seats, so there is no refund provided. We request candidates to apply only if they are serious about Product Management as a career or from upskilling POV which will help them to perform better in their current role. We do provide 1 week withdrawal period at no cost.

The program is for 6 months or 26 weeks. The course includes 10 weeks of academic training and career support with personalized placement support.

Ask the counsellor if there are any ongoing scholarships for meritorious learners. We do have a Scholarship program running right now for meritorious learners. Schedule a call with our Senior Counsellor.

We accept corporate sponsorships and can assist you with the process. For more information, you can connect with us at [email protected]


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Diploma Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 3 Apr’21

Registrations close on 27 Mar’21
Seats Left: 3

Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Lefts: 14

Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Lefts: 15

Artificial Intelligence Program


Program Features

  • Learn advanced skills and gain a thorough understanding of modern AI
  • Solve Real world projects in AI
  • Learn to build AI models from the scratch
  • Not a Job Guarantee Program

Great For

  • Working professional in managerial role who want to develop core AI skills to build their career in machine learning and AI
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to learn and apply AI in their own businesses
  • Management Consultants looking to understand the applications of AI across Industries
  • Senior Managers & executives wanting to develop a strategic understanding of applied AI


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Certificate Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 22 Mar’21

Registrations close on 18 Mar’21
Seats Available: 12

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Left: 14

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Left: 15

Fees: $2499 $1899


Flipped Classroom


Our learners learn by discussing and debating on real-world problems and are actively involved in the solution design process.

Conventional classroom

Sage on Stage

  • A teacher shares the knowledge via live presentations
  • Teachers are at the center of the learning and considered sage on stage
  • Knowledge transfer is one-way and the focus is on knowledge retention
  • Learners don’t get to discuss their ideas or opinions in the class
  • Hence, most learners are unable to apply these concepts in their everyday work life
  • Great for scenarios, where knowledge acquisition and retention is the only focus

Flipped classroom

Guide on side

  • Learners are the center of the universe
  • Classes are meant for healthy discussions and debates on topics
  • Learners go through the material on their own provided by the mentors
  • Mentors work as guide on the side, with the learners
  • Learners develop skills on problem solving, critical thinking and self-learning – the 21st century skills that employers look for
  • Great for scenarios where application skills matter
  • 21st century skills require guide on the side. Simply acquiring knowledge is worthless now.

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