Post Graduate Certificate in Product Management

Does being a Product Manager entice you? Looking at them makes you wonder, “Hey, I could do that!” but you don’t know where to start and what skills you require for it? You’ve come to the perfect program. 

Our Post Graduate Certificate program offers a faster and more cost-effective path to gaining specialized knowledge compared to our Post Graduate Diploma program.

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Our Placement Collaborators

In the last 6 years We've achieved so much!

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Highest Salary
1 CR
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Lowest Salary Post Program
1 Lakh
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Average Salary Post Program
1 Lakh
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Hear from them

Pragmatic Leaders has been a really pivotal in my understanding of Product Management. The course and the management team have been really understanding, at the same time challenging me to learn new concepts. My mentor was always there for me and provided support where need be. I had a great time learning and would recommend it to anyone who is willing to grow themselves.
Khush Oberoi
Student (PGC Cohort 30)

Trusted by Hundreds of Students, Like you.

Shashank singh from PGD

The experience I had at Pragmatic was excellent. It provided me with the opportunity to acquire a diverse range of skills that were necessary to succeed in my job interview. Despite my background as a product manager, the learning and growth I experienced at PL was significant.

Shashank Singh
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I saw a testimonial from a former student\alumni of the program who I had interviewed with on LinkedIn. I was curious and reached out and spoke to Talvinder a couple of times. These interactions convinced me to give it a try. I am glad I did. I found the course content quite valuable and interesting – the case studies were the best part of it letting one apply skills. The actual LIVE discussion was the best part – getting perspectives from different folks on the same problem and also the instructor was very useful. PL team support was amazing throughout.

Sarat Suresh

I wanted to transition into a Product Manager role so thought Pay After Placement and 1:1 Mentorship by PL will be the best to get a breakthrough.

Now I am confident enough to approach any problem with a structured path, the solution is still not sure but at least now I have developed a habit to approaching a problem and thinking in a structured way. The course and support by Pragmatic Leaders is amazing and the mentors have very good profiles.

Mohit Kothari
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The course material gives a 360-degree view of product management and the case studies helped to understand the real-world problems. Sessions with Talvinder and Sonupam were very insightful. The best part of the course was discussing case studies with diverse business minds and understanding their product mindsets. Overall I had a great experience, and it helped me to prepare for the interviews.

Harshit Agrawal

Upcoming Cohorts

Cohort 39


8 June 2024

No more
seats left!

Cohort 40


8 July 2024

Seats filling fast!

Your Program Journey

Join us for 8 weeks of live training covering the A-Z of product management,
essential PM tools, and expert resume building.



Attend an informative lecture with mentors and the Pragmatic Leaders support team.


Academic Learning & Resume Preparation

  • Live lectures on 16 comprehensive modules covering various aspects of Product Management, including A/B testing, user analytics, design mockups, product strategy, and execution.
  • Learn and master the top tools used by PMs, such as Google Analytics, Webengage, Amplitude, PRD (Carrot Framework), Clevertap, and more.
  • Solve real-world cases (15+) and practice with sample answers, totaling over 35 practice cases and 100+ hours of in-depth content.
  • Receive dedicated lectures and one-on-one guidance for resume preparation and career guidance.
  • Earn an industry-recognized certification upon completion.
  • Gain access to the Pragmatic Leaders job board with nearly 100 job opportunities shared every month.
Academic Learning & Resume Preparation

2 weeks Product Teardown & Portfolio Building

  • Engage in two bonus classes on product teardown with the Principal mentor.
  • Participate in 10 interesting product teardown take-home challenges with step-by-step instructions.
  • Build an impressive product teardown portfolio to showcase your product talent for your job hunt.
2 weeks Product Teardown & Portfolio Building

Exclusive Add-ons at Zero Cost

  • Prepare for interviews with the included interview preparation program.
  • Expand your knowledge with the Technology for Managers program, AI for Managers program, and Ecommerce for Managers program.
  • Become eligible for Placement Assistance under the PG Diploma program.
  • Enjoy a free subscription to Truepass.
Exclusive Add-ons at Zero Cost

Note: Placement support is only given after fulfilling all program requirements.

Meet Your Mentors

Your Partners In Shaping Your Future

Application Process


Apply to the program, get your application reviewed by the admissions team and recieve an email if you're shortlisted!


On selection, sign the PGC admissions letter with PL to begin your payment process


You can pay upfront through net banking. You can also choose to pay via EMI with our NBFC partner for easy student loan. 


Get on boarded into the program and brace yourself for the most exciting career journey in Product Management!

Eligibility Criteria

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Freshers and aspiring product managers from any background are eligible to join the program, Accidental APMs who want to get structured learning, this program is perfect for you. 

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Having Good English communication skills is a plus.

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All you truly need is a keen interest in product domain, and long-term commitment to Product Management!


At PL, the Post Graduate certificate program which is a job readiness program is designed to provide professionals from diverse backgrounds like sales, marketing, ops, tech with handson skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a product role or a product led company by inculcating the right product mindset.

This program helps you master practical skills by solving real world case studies, building an impressive product teardown portfolio for your job hunt, vetted and approved resume and online profile, critical thinking, problem-solving skills – everything that makes you job ready and have a competitive edge to be successful in the job market.

On the other hand, PL’s Post Graduate Diploma in placement assistance is a more intensive approach to connect professionals with potential employers, provide extensive interview preparation support, 1:1 Mentor support and guidance from shortlisting stage to negotiation. This includes providing learners with job leads from PL’s exclusive partnership (i.e. companies who hire only from PL), networking opportunities, and other resources to help individuals find employment.

However, at PL, PGC goes beyond the standard certification program and offers valuable placement assistance as part of their offerings within the program duration.
These are

1. Mentor guided resume and profile building with 2 1:1 sessions 
2. Product tear down portfolio building for your job hunt
3. access to job board and nearly  100 job opportunities shared  every month
4. 1 month free subscription to Truepass – 4-6 workshops and up to 70% off on live micro courses
5. 8+ Exclusive courses

In summary,Job readiness program is best suited for those who have access to some network, via friends or colleges etc and have the time and discipline needed to self-manage their job hunt. Placement assistance is meant for those who need access, guidance and support throughout as their professional commitments don’t allow a lot of window to self-manage.

You should opt for Post Graduate Certificate if,
1. As a professional you want to gain practical PM skills, develop product mindset to either transition in a product role eventually or perform exceptionally well in a software product led company where you may be currently employed

2. You are in the exploratory / inquisitive phase about product management, wanting a more structured learning approach (beyond free learning resources) without burning a hole in the pocket.

3. You are looking for an affordable, yet super effective, mentor led program with a good degree of personalised support that sets you on the path of product career

You should Join Post Graduate Diploma,

1. If you are fully committed to product management as a career choice and want to transition in to a product role

2. Just like climbing a high altitude mountain takes a lot of training, and climbing smaller hills first to acclimatise; you are willing to put that commitment, and set smaller goals to eventually crack your dream role. Sometime, learners get their dream role in first go, and sometimes transitioning into a product role from an entirely different background itself is a huge win, and then eventually aim higher

3. You are willing to dedicate 6-9 months to learning and placement process to ensure your future is set on right track

You should Join Executive leadership Program,

1. If you are an existing PM or strong APM and want to go for senior PM or leadership roles

2. Strong candidates with good exposure to cross functional teams (there are some companies who may use different designation but the candidate is doing PM related work)
2. You are a strong mid career professional leading cross functional team, and you need upskilling to communicate effectively with product, tech, business team so you come across as a strong leader (despite your age or background)
3. If you have been aiming for leadership role in product role or software product led company

Today, the market is filled with new PM certifications, and few more are getting launched as we speak. However, “if opting for the cheapest program” is the biggest factor, we sincerely suggest you to not opt for any paid program and go the self learning route via free resources + reach out to professionals who could mentor you for free. This is a long and time consuming route, will require a lot of discipline but will save money, and help you gain immense self confidence

We won’t sell you to enrol for our PGC but provide you some guidelines which should help you make a decision. If you wish to go for a pocket friendly yet super effective certificate program, don’t be  bothered by a difference of 7-10k since it will pay off in the immediate future.

Few things you must look for

1. Did this school or bunch of people just sprung up because PM is a next cool thing or do they have strong pedigree (not academic degrees  but the impact they have made as a PM in real word, their experience in mentoring, how impactful their work has been)

2. The mentors and reputed Institutions backing them

3. Their core philosophy and pedagogy behind training new age product managers

4. Speak to the principal mentor or cohort mentor before you enrol and discuss how this course can positively impact your career graph

5. Define your objective –
I need a certificate to display on LN Or
I need a foundational understanding or theoretical knowledge about A-Z of product management Or
I need solid practical hands on program (this term has been misused by many), so break down your requirements clearly and then start looking for upskilling programs that offer that Or
I want to transition (this needs a deep dive into your current skills, experience, gaps, creating personalised journey). Go back to point 4


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Diploma Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 3 Apr’21

Registrations close on 27 Mar’21
Seats Left: 3

Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Lefts: 14

Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Lefts: 15

Artificial Intelligence Program


Program Features

  • Learn advanced skills and gain a thorough understanding of modern AI
  • Solve Real world projects in AI
  • Learn to build AI models from the scratch
  • Not a Job Guarantee Program

Great For

  • Working professional in managerial role who want to develop core AI skills to build their career in machine learning and AI
  • Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to learn and apply AI in their own businesses
  • Management Consultants looking to understand the applications of AI across Industries
  • Senior Managers & executives wanting to develop a strategic understanding of applied AI


Upcoming Cohorts of PG Certificate Program

Cohort 17

Starts: 22 Mar’21

Registrations close on 18 Mar’21
Seats Available: 12

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 18

Starts: 20 Apr’21

Registrations close on 16 Apr’21
Seats Left: 14

Fees: $2499 $1899


Cohort 19

Starts: 18 May’21

Registrations close on 14 May’21
Seats Left: 15

Fees: $2499 $1899


Flipped Classroom


Our learners learn by discussing and debating on real-world problems and are actively involved in the solution design process.

Conventional classroom

Sage on Stage

  • A teacher shares the knowledge via live presentations
  • Teachers are at the center of the learning and considered sage on stage
  • Knowledge transfer is one-way and the focus is on knowledge retention
  • Learners don’t get to discuss their ideas or opinions in the class
  • Hence, most learners are unable to apply these concepts in their everyday work life
  • Great for scenarios, where knowledge acquisition and retention is the only focus

Flipped classroom

Guide on side

  • Learners are the center of the universe
  • Classes are meant for healthy discussions and debates on topics
  • Learners go through the material on their own provided by the mentors
  • Mentors work as guide on the side, with the learners
  • Learners develop skills on problem solving, critical thinking and self-learning – the 21st century skills that employers look for
  • Great for scenarios where application skills matter
  • 21st century skills require guide on the side. Simply acquiring knowledge is worthless now.

Launching Soon!

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