7 ways to be a Full Stack Employee

Do you want to become the CEO of your company? If yes, this article is for you because the CEO is not made in a day.

You work either “on” your business or “in” your business. The ones who work on their business are called entrepreneurs and business owners. The ones who work in their business are called employees.

Now as an employee you can become a full-stack that makes you thrive in the corporate environment and dominate the scene. Below are the 7 ways to become a full-stack employee:

Way 1 — Learn everything — Technology, Product and Business

Whatever vertical you are in, do NOT miss any chance to interact and learn from people working on other verticals. For example, if you are a Software Developer, do spend some time to chat with Marketers and Product people. This will widen your perspective and even help you improve in your job.

Way 2 — Excel and dominate one or more vertical(s)

You must be the “go-to person” for one or more vertical. For example, in case you have developed a product feature, you must be the person who has more knowledge than anyone else in your company about the same. Everyone else must be dependent on you for the same. This gives you power and bargaining capacity.

Way 3 — Always keep learning after office

Your job is not enough to give you challenges and evolve you into a full-stack employee. You must learn while you are at home, go to seminars, enroll in online courses. Just keep getting involved in your passion and all the dots will get connected in the long run

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Way 4 — Take up an extremely challenging task at work

The only way to push yourself to learn new things is to push yourself outside your comfort zone. If a task seems to be challenging and something that you have never done before, take it up and learn along the way. Easier said than done but will be worth it at the end. Remember – “It always seems impossible until it is done”.

Way 5 — Take part in competitions & hone your skills

There are competitions going on online and offline for all the skill sets. For example, as a Product Manager, I went to IIT Delhi to participate in a Hackathon and built an awesome auction platform. This helped me connect with like-minded people, deliver something of value in a high-pressure situation and boost my confidence.

Way 6 — Give interviews

I know this is a controversial topic, but giving interviews periodically helps you understand what is going on in the industry and which skill sets are under high demand. You also prepare for the interviews and learn a lot in the process.

Way 7 — Read books

This is the holy grail of personal development and becoming a full-stack employee. You must read a lot of books (e.g. Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer, How to become a CEO by Jeffrey J Fox, Zero to One by Peter Thiel, etc.). This will help you gain perspective of the path that you are in and also get a chance to be mentored by the best people in the world.

Please put your comments if I missed something or if you have any suggestions.

This article was originally published at Linkedin

January 10, 2020

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