How Swiggy POP became one of my favorites and what I would like further from it?

I have been living away from my home since I was in class 10th. But I never really “grew up” to learn how to cook. One of the reason was my laziness and another was to always utilize that time for cooking somewhere else, be it studying, playing online games or preparing a PPT for my office. And ever since I started ordering food online, the major challenge I used to face was to browse through so many restaurants and dishes and then looking at the hefty prices besides them. I always used to avoid ordering veggies and bread because the quantity would be way too much for a single soul like me. Also, this whole activity would take around 10 mins for me and then waiting for 40 mins for the food to arrive would feel like an eternity. By that time the “Hangry” (hungry + angry) me, would feel irritated and impatient.

In 2018, entered Swiggy POP!




What is Swiggy POP?

For those who don’t already know: Swiggy POP provides a list of 20-30 different single serve meals from various restaurants within a fixed radius around the users. It lets the user order a meal-for-one at a flat price, free of delivery, taxes etc.


Who are the users?

Swiggy POP users are those people who want to

  • Order meal only for themselves without spending too much time on browsing through various restaurants and dishes,
  • Get food at an affordable price and
  • Perform the food ordering activity as quickly as possible with minimum hassle

User personas that typically fit such users are typically 20-30 years age of people who are either young professionals, bachelors or students living away from their families in a different city. They don’t have a lot of time to spend on apps for checking out restaurants and dishes from so many choices. They want to satisfy their hunger in the minimum amount of time and money spent. Also, they need only a single-meal portion and minimum hassle in checkout payments etc.

This meant that I fitted in their primary persona perfectly! I started using it almost daily and would love the fact that my food would arrive within 15-20 mins of ordering. Even the ordering would hardly take 5 mins of mine! So I decided to read about it and came across this great article by Ms. Taruna Manchanda on Medium.

How do they do it?

Swiggy POP is situated in the middle of the first screen that appears to the user.

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One-click takes them to a next screen which shows various options of the most frequently ordered combo single-serve meals like Roti-Sabji, Burger Cold drinks etc. for the user along with the prices.

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Users select the combo meals and then select the pay button at the bottom and the order is placed. The address and payment mode is taken as the most frequently used or default option selected by the user.

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Alternatives present in the market

Zomato has recently started a similar feature called Zomato Easy which tries to solve the exact problem. However, the discovery part of the feature is not so good and user has to swipe through a couple of times to reach the feature. Also, the communication isn’t exactly as a single-serve meal feature which maybe not helping Zomato in acquiring more customers for this feature.

Uber Eats has a different strategy for the problem. They provide different portion size options such as half and full to the user. But that doesn’t solve the problem of spending too much time in selection and also when you select full from the portion size the prices increase exorbitantly giving an impression that the dish is very expensive.

What delights a user like me?

Swiggy POP checks all the boxes when covering the pain points of the users like me i.e.

  • Quick ordering experience
  • Variety of options
  • Affordable meals
  • Single-serve portions only
  • No additional delivery/packaging/taxes charges.

Swiggy not only delights its users but also delights the entire ecosystem through this feature (Read the article by Ms. Taruna Manchanada on medium for more details)

  • Since Swiggy gets predictable orders from the set of users, restaurant partners are better prepared to handle the demand thereby reducing the preparation time.
  • Since multiple orders come from the same restaurant usually during a pre-defined time slot, it increases the probability of batching 2-3 orders together, thereby reducing the overall delivery time.
  • Since the restaurants are at a fixed radius within the order, Delivery Executives are able to do more deliveries/hour thereby increasing their earnings.

All these things plus the fact that now my everyday meal comes from Swiggy POP made the feature an instant favorite for the users like me. The hassle of having a maid, buying grocery regularly, co-sharing with people like you who have completely different taste sensation and arguing frequently with maid when she takes an unplanned leave were all gone for me! I became a loyal customer for them!

But as they say, there is always some scope for improvement! I would want Swiggy to improve the feature even more.

What would I like to suggest the PM of Swiggy POP to Improve?

The success metrics that Swiggy might be tracking would be to increase the repeat orders from the users (Retention). However, they would also be tacking various vanity metrics like end-to-end time spent by the user on Swiggy POP, time taken for users to get food delivered, # of users browsing through Swiggy POP and then ordering conventionally from the app and # of new users trying out Swiggy POP instead of conventional ordering on the app.

Out of these metrics, I would like Swiggy to improve the end-to-end time spent by the user. Currently, what I feel is still missing is that there is no assistance for quicker decision making. They do have Veg/Non-Veg and Under 99 dishes filtering options, but I still have to browse through those 20-30 dishes to find the right one for me. Of course, I certainly want variety, assortment, and affordability as my criteria for selection. However, to choose from the list provided still requires some time of mine and adds the choice paradox problem.

What I would want is to put a sorting mechanism based on price, restaurant rating and delivery time on top of the screen of Swiggy POP as an upward-downward arrow, thereby giving an option to the user to sort according to the choice and quickly make a decision on the meal.

  • This will further reduce the selection time for the user thereby reducing the overall time spent on ordering food.
  • Also, this will give the user a power to select though the key factors like price points, delivery time and restaurant ratings which are critical factors in the selection of food while ordering online.
  • It would also give Swiggy a great insight into what parameters users are selecting these meals and then customize the flow and display of the dishes/combos based on those insights.

Of course, as a PM, they will need to check with their technical team on the algorithm to manage the trade-offs of multiple sorting simultaneously. Also the complexity wrt time and effort in making this change. They would also need to test the impact of this change using A/B testing & user interviews.

But the point is that this would increase the functionality of the feature even more! And I would quickly sort it based on these parameters and simply click on the one dish that ticks my checkboxes of criteria most!

This is, of course, one suggestion. There can be many things which Swiggy can do. For eg. Give better food options, reduce the price even further or have some kind of engagement for single users like point system to encourage more repeat orders. They could even go the “cult-fit” way, to drive healthier options in the food items. But those judgments are left for Swiggy to decide.

As of now, I would be delighted to see Zomato and Uber Eats fix their single-serve features so that the competition becomes intense and price war benefits me 😛

Views expressed are solely mine and reference has been taken from the article to increase my understanding. Please, leave your comments below on what you feel should be improved or why you disagree with me (if you do) 😀

This article was originally published at LinkedIn

October 2, 2019

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