PM without an MBA | Know a PM’s Day


Insights on what it takes to get into product management, and how can you foster growth as a PM. It’s going to be 2-way casual conversation. 

I can also share the kind of questions which were asked in my 8 PM interviews, which will give you a basic idea. 



Will be speaking about how obsession about product quality and logical thinking can land you in a PM role. The single most important aspect of thriving as PM is empathy. Will be sharing real-life examples of my day-to-day experiences.

Will share the mistakes I have made and learnt in product & design, which can guide you when you are building a product.

Would love to help out / guide you by answering if you have any specific questions. In case I do not have a confident answer to your question, trust me, I will go back, find the answer and get back to you! 🙂 

Looking forward to strike a conversation!

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