Kushagra Mohan  

From – Bangalore, India

Before Pragmatic Leaders – Associate PM at Multibhashi

After Pragmatic Leaders course, transitioned to – Product Manager @CasaOne (Silicon Valley-based Furniture rental company

 Q1. If you have to describe in 2 lines the impact this course has made in your professional journey? 

Joining PM Bootcamp course at Pragmatic Leaders was the most career-defining moment for me. Being a PM aspirant for more than a year, I knew how difficult it is to crack into the PM eco-system. I cannot be thankful enough to the Pragmatic leader team for the career track it has put me in. 

Q2. How do you think this course filled the gap of lack of experience in Product role for you? 

The networking opportunities and the product portfolio that you can build while being a part of Pragmatic Leaders, immensely helps you put your word out there . Especially when you don’t have enough practical experience. It’s a great experience to be a part of a Product Community, especially in India where there are not many active communities like the one offered by PL. The active support ultimately helps you in making a smooth transition. 

Q3. What was your favorite part of the course? 

The second phase of the course which included doing a team project helped me explore and build a network within the product community. This is intangible. It is something which will go beyond the course and last for-ever.