Radhey Meena Success Story

Radhey Meena

From – Noida, India

Before Pragmatic Leaders – TPM at Ebizon

After PragmaticLeaders, transitioned to – TPM at Paypal

Q1. What made you join the PM Bootcamp course at Pragmatic Leaders?

During my first job into product role with Ebizon, I felt a strong need to pursue a Product Management course to get a structured learning experience in the Product Management domain. Factors that led me to choose Pragmatic Leaders over the other course options available in the market were primarily:

Case studies- based on real products which have been successfully deployed

Peer-peer learning – Interaction with aspiring PMs as well as Industry Experts

Q2. What all areas in Product Management did the course expose you to and what was your favorite part?

The course was very well-structured and included self-paced learning in the form of pre-recorded tutorials and also teamwork through case study presentations.

My favorite part of the course was Case Studies ? which were around start-ups, the strategies they deployed, Go-to-market, scaling, etc. It helped us in focusing on a problem and building a product to solve that problem. And the learnings that I had while solving the case studies helped me crack the Paypal interview.

Q3. How did you find the pedagogy and what were the other features of this course?

The course was very exhaustive and apart from Tutorials and case studies it provided me access to:

Community events (online & offline) – In these events, International Product Leaders shared their experiences about actual problems they had solved while working in their companies. It gave me a deep understanding of various aspects of product management.

Guest Lectures/webinars were arranged based on our requirement for insights in a particular field. One of these sessions was about data analytics wherein the Expert went into great detail explaining about KPI analysis and using data for decision making.

Interview preparation – I used to have a discussion with the Founder at Pragmatic Leaders, before each interview of mine. It helped me in identifying and preparing for the expected Questions and also the ideal approach towards presenting the solutions

Q4. What part of the course was most helpful for you?

One-one counseling sessions with Talvinder, Founder at Pragmatic Leaders and the mentorship provided by him helped me not only in cracking the interview at Paypal but also having a deep understanding of Product Management. This is something invaluable for me.

January 10, 2020

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