How to Write Your Killer Product Manager Resume

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Almost every job hunter dislikes the need to craft a resume for their job searching process. The product manager is not an exception. You know you can do the job well, so you don’t want to waste your time creating this application document. However, other people aren’t aware of your skills and achievements.

Your product manager’s resume is the only way HR managers may evaluate your abilities and make their decision. Special resume building tips can help you perform this daunting task and stand out from the rest of the candidates. Read on to find out how to craft your own outstanding application paper.

Why Do You Need an Impressive Product Management Resume?

Having this profession, you are able to work in various industries and companies. This is a great opportunity to land the job of your dreams or try yourself in different spheres. You can consider your resume of the product manager as another product you need to deliver to the end-user (aka your potential employer).

That’s why this document should not only become your ticket to the upcoming job interview but also showcase your professionalism and how well you are prepared to conduct your duties.

The modern labor market is rather stiff.

According to the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), 31.2 million Indian citizens were searching for jobs in 2019.

Your aim is to showcase your key strengths, demonstrate your abilities and relevant skills that will help you achieve great results. Thus, this paper should become your self-marketing tool to help you outshine the rest of the competition and grab the attention of prospective recruiters.

Are you willing to learn how to craft a persuasive application document? Do you need extra advice on how to describe your accomplishments and land more job interviews? Here is what you should keep in mind.

Find a Product Manager Resume Sample

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Let’s start with the basics. Every profession has its own unique peculiarities and important information that need to be mentioned in the application document. Why don’t you spend some time and review various samples on the Internet to get to know what exactly you should include in your own paper?

Those who are planning to apply for a job in the UK need to keep in mind that it is necessary to submit a product manager CV instead of a resume. The recent Glassdoor poll reveals that job hunters submit 250 resumes for an average job posting.

While the majority of employers used to accept only Microsoft Word documents, these days it’s optional and you may also submit your paper in PDF format. However, we advise you to not just look through the online samples but also review the job opening as this particular requirement may differ from company to company.

Having read through several documents will give you some insight into what exactly you should cover in your own application paper.

Some organizations also review the candidate’s digital profile so make sure you make it strong as well. Use some time and effort to craft an outstanding product manager LinkedIn profile that will also serve as your digital helper for networking and employment purposes.

Mention Your Hard and Soft Skills

One of the top tips from career experts is to include your product manager resume skills so that prospective recruiters notice what can help you achieve the goals and fulfill your duties. Both your hard and soft skills should be mentioned in your application paper.

  • Soft Skills – these abilities explain your personality and how well you can cope with work. You may want such soft skills as your interpersonal abilities (how you can interact and cooperate with coworkers and team members), your leadership skills as well as coordination skills.
  • Hard Skills – these abilities demonstrate your technical expertise and show what kind of specialist you are. You can mention here your software skills (knowledge of special programs), marketing skills (conducting successful sales campaigns) as well as analytical abilities.

Some people opt for special product management courses where they can improve their project management skills for resume and acquire deeper knowledge to become a better specialist and receive even more job offers.

Use The Right Font and Format

What is the most suitable format for this type of application document? Career coaches advise using the reverse-chronological format for this profession. The reason for that is the necessity to highlight the most recent employment first. This way potential employers will see what your major accomplishments are and what positions you’ve already had so far.

More than that, using the right font is not less important than choosing the right product manager resume format. Forget about Times New Roman. Be creative and select something that is not so overused. For instance, Calibri or Comfortaa may be a good choice of simple and nice fonts. Don’t be afraid to make some changes and add some creativity to your application paper to make a good first impression.

The resume focuses on you and the past. The cover letter focuses on the employer and the future. Tell the hiring professional what you can do to benefit the organization in the future. (12)”
― Joyce Lain Kennedy, Cover Letters for Dummies

The Structure of Your Paper

Are you dreaming of crafting an ideal resume to stand out? Here is a product manager resume template that consists of the following sections, such as basic personal information, summary (or objective), education, work experience, interests, and professional skills.

Don’t turn this application document into your memoirs and make sure you remove all the irrelevant details about your life.

Do you need a summary of an objective? You may use a product manager resume summary if you have enough work experience and want to highlight it. On the other hand, having a lack of employment can also be mentioned from the positive side by crafting a product manager’s resume objective. It will help you showcase your passion for this position and the ability to meet the requirements.

Also, make sure you include special keywords for product manager resumes that can be found in the job opening. The job description will tell you which keywords are necessary to add to your document so that it becomes visible to the applicant tracking systems. Hence, you will have more chances that your document will appear in the “yes” pile.

Emphasize Your Awards

While the skills paragraph of your paper is aimed at telling about your potential as a specialist, the section with your certifications and awards will demonstrate what you have already accomplished. You may want to check the job posting for any specific certifications that should be mentioned.

Remember that failing to provide all the necessary details in your resume may result in failing to land a decent job. It’s a good thing you can get some cool certificates from Pragmatic Leaders!

Moreover, your previous awards may become an effective tool to demonstrate your performance and recognition at other companies. Do everything possible to highlight your major strengths and add valuable details that may help you outshine the rest of the competition.

With that in mind, look through the best product manager resume examples, follow these expert tips and create your own compelling application paper that will lead you to the position of your dreams!

March 19, 2020

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